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Media Kit Template

Media Kit Examples for Authors

Find the more up-to-date author media kit templates on this newer post.

Why not create a media kit for when you approach Podcasters? An author media kit can give you something professional-looking to back up your media pitch with. It could also be used for approaching editors for guest posts.

So I thought, oh surely there will be a media kit example or template on Adobe’s store. Yes, there are quite a few lovely ones, but they are all for blogger-influencers! Not a single one for authors…

So, the press kit template found wasn’t terrible relevant, with its sponsored posts part and social stats part, but I pressed on.

My three-page effort is probably not the most suitable for you either, as every specialist will have something different they want to include. The main thing is to think about what the podcasters or editors you’re approaching will want to know.

You can see how on page 2, I’ve got those listener offers at the top, so the host knows I can offer freebies and a discount to their listeners.

My short bio is the ‘official’ one on page 1, but then I thought I’d put a more humanising ‘about me’ on page 3. A call-to-action — my calendar scheduler link — is right on the final page; just one click for them to book in.

Need a hand to write your bio? No problem, I do that quite a lot.


Page 1 (top half)



Hints for Creating Media Kits in Adobe InDesign

If you use InDesign, you can download a free ‘blogger’ media kit template from Adobe and change it, as I did. You may not have the fonts, so just replace them with fonts you do have. I chose Avenir Next demi-bold italic for subheads and Helvetica Neue regular for body.

When you go to export, make both a PDF (small file size) and then export to PNG as well. Why? These PNG files are good for putting straight onto web pages, just like those below, or putting into an email (for quick viewing).

There is a free media kit template in Photoshop PSD on Melyssa’s blog here.


media kit example

For non-designers, CANVA can be used for your media kit. And now you can download PDF files too. They have so many varied templates, for both bloggers and businesses, I started doing my Media Kits and one-sheets that way. Check out the media kit templates at Canva.


The Author Media Kit Checklist

So, here is a guideline for an author who has a blog and business.

  • Short Bio (about you section, including any related awards)
  • You with Book Photo
  • Listener offers, including any discounts
  • Book Cover, Title, and Price
  • A snippet of what your book or product is about
  • Questions they could ask you
  • Main social media account names (if desired, follower numbers)
  • Author Website URL / Blog URL
  • Topics on blog (unless general) and 1-2 images
  • Past articles you’ve written or media collaborations you’ve done
  • Other Book Titles and Your Services (if related)

Design Tips for Media Kit Layout

Some more tips I learnt while doing this exercise from the book ‘Design Essentials’. Choose two typefaces, which match each other in weight (sans and sans serif is fine). Go for 11 and 12 points if in doubt about body font size.

Give the images a bit of room. You can see I have put too much on page 1 but page three looks better. You can also include more media pics, such as you doing a talk.

While mindset wise, it may be difficult to get going with media publicity for an upcoming book launch, if you take a simple step like creating your author media kit, it might propel you to do more media interviews.

And that’s a good thing!


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