Are you ready to get your book onto the page... and into people’s lives?

Over three or six months, I can show you how to write, structure, publish and profit from your book.

You’ve got a message to share. You may even have a draft partway done, but it just doesn’t seem to be coming along.  Or you can imagine the book’s theme, but not know where to start. If this is your situation, then consider a writing coach.

A coach is there to help guide your progress. First, we plan the book out (outlining) and then the coach helps you with your written tone, voice, book structure, and keeping to the theme.

The creation of a book can aid your career or help to increase your prices and position you at a higher level than competitors!

If needed, I can include self-publishing coaching (info on formatting, printing, eBooks, library supply, legalities, and ISBNs) at the end of this program for a reduced rate.

Brisbane book editor

So who is Jennifer Lancaster?

I’m a writer and editor of many different styles of books in the non-fiction space. I have also done complex book typesetting and uploaded many, many books for IS print on demand, Kindle Direct, and Smashwords.

Reading:  I have read more than 200 self-help, health books, marketing, writing, and personal finance books. Observing what works in other books helps me to advise authors.

Over the years, I studied communications and worked in copywriting, DTP/layout, and digital marketing, which adds to the useful background.

With a penchant for educating others simply and logically, I will guide you so that yours becomes a helpful and powerful book.

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Book writing coaching helps you:

  • Develop your singular theme:  a topic we gauge an interest in. This is crucial when it comes time to promote your book to a niche audience.
  • Review or assist your outline and match it with your target market.
  • Keep your written voice consistent.
  • Find references that are useful for the reader and not a copyright headache.
  • Learning the parts of a book that must be managed, e.g. foreword or preface, about the author, even endorsements.

  • Plan activities before launch, including writing a book blurb and author bio. Assistance to get your selling points across.
  • With editing advice, learn how to critique your work and kick some of your repeated writer habits (we all have them!)
  • Optionally, research and proposal work to do before submission to a publisher
  • Keep you on track towards your deadline, which we set at the start.
copy editing vs developmental editing

Writing Coaching Process

As your writing coach, every month I will read your work of around 10 A4 pages (1.5 spaced) and offer editing suggestions that move you forward with your book. We will also schedule a monthly Zoom call at a convenient time, to discuss any blocks, the angle and target reader.

ACHIEVABLE MILESTONES.  Our publishing schedule is planned to keep you on track to the next 15,000 words or other milestone, while allowing time for editing and reflection.

PLANNING.  We keep it simple with two choices of outlining method and advice as you go along. Anyone can do this, so don’t worry.

After the book coaching is completed, we will have developed your book enough to move on to line editing or copy editing stage, if you have integrated all the suggestions well. Copy editing looks for small grammatical errors, subheading mistakes, spelling and punctuation. Your book will not need any further Structural Editing.

Get your book finished - with Jennifer's help:

If you’re keen to find out about working with a writing coach, then call Jennifer for a 45-minute discovery session… 0403 125 038.  (Australia)

$1,800 for six months’ coaching ($300 per month)

Can be paid fortnightly or monthly.  Print our pretty Brochure on Writing Coaching.

Six Skype sessions at your convenience, plus regular editing suggestions in Word, plus 2 emails per month on average.

Includes:  tailored marketing advice, a 1-page publishing schedule, and the Niche Content and Book Guide to inform you and get you kick-started.

Also see our other author services.

Please note: pricing is in Australian currency. GST is not currently charged. ABN 80 544 508 158.  Power of Words abides by the privacy laws and the state legislation of Queensland.

As a Writing Coaching client, get a $5 monthly membership to Book Writing Success Club.

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