Writing Coaching and Mentoring

Are you ready to get your book written… and into people’s lives? Then consider a Non-Fiction Book Writing Coach.

Through book writing coaching, I can show you how to write, structure, self-publish and profit from your book.

You’ve got a message to share. You may even have a draft partway done, but it just doesn’t seem to be coming along. You’re stuck. Or you know the book’s theme, but don’t know where to start with the writing and structuring. If this applies, then consider a book writing coach.

A book coach is someone who has written many books before, researched target reader-fit, found what works and so can help guide your progress. Constant feedback guides you to become a stronger writer.

First, Jen helps with a way to plan the book (called ‘outlining’). In the first writing coaching session, we start to unlock the obstacles to you writing your book. In just 1.5 hours, you will get support on what to say to yourself to get motivated, and we’ll start the planning process.

Then, after seeing your writing, Jennifer, your book writing coach, gives feedback on voice, language used, book structure, and keeping to the agreed theme.

Since your publishing and writing mentor is also an editor, this has its benefits. With feedback, you’ll soon understand how to tighten up your writing and choose the best analogies, allusions, case studies, quotes, and references.

Included in the full package are self-publishing lessons (info on formatting, distribution, eBooks, costs, library supply, legalities, and ISBNs) — plus more customised advice.

In packages, you’ll get special access to Book Creation Success – an online course. This self-publishing course can empower you with the knowledge to retain your publishing independence. Don’t let the assistant self-publishing companies have their big profits!

So who is Jennifer Lancaster?

book writing coach and editor Jen LancasterI’ve been an editor of many different styles of books in the non-fiction space, including health, success, self-development, and psychology.

I’ve written books about money/finance, marketing, and freelancing.  I have also done complex book typesetting and uploaded many books for print-on-demand and Kindle Direct.

Avid reader of self-help, health books, marketing, writing, and personal finance books. Observing what works in other books helps me to advise authors.

After graduating, I worked in copywriting and digital marketing for small businesses. I apply my marketing know-how to hooks and angles.

What You’ll Learn During Book Coaching Sessions

Book writing development helps you:

  • Develop your theme: one that will meet market needs. This is crucial when it comes time to promote your book to a niche audience
  • Assist with your book outline to get it into a uniform shape
  • Understand what is/was keeping you from moving on with your writing
  • Keep your written voice consistent, something that is a bugbear of many writers
  • Learning the parts of a book that must be managed, e.g. foreword, preface, about the author, and endorsements
  • Learn how to critique your work and kick some of your unhelpful writer patterns (we all have them!)
  • Keep you on track towards your deadline, which we set at the start.

BONUSES with our program:

  • The Book Creation Success course (worth $227). Benefit from guides, audio, tutorial videos, and templates for your own use. (Currently being rebuilt).
  • Assistance to get your selling points across in your book blurb, using the 5 hot selling points technique.
  • Get audience targeting help, as this helps you focus on profiting from your creative works.
  • A book planning workbook, which will help in the early stages. 

Book Writing Coaching Process

After reading the workbook (supplied), first we go through planning your Topic and Outline together.

Before every one-to-one session, I will read your work of around 7 A4 pages and offer editing suggestions. Two days later, we have a Zoom call – to discuss any blocks, recent writing, and the language designed for your target reader.

get support on book writing journey


Our modifiable Publishing Schedule is planned to keep you on track to the next 10,000 words or other milestone, while allowing time for editing and reflection. This helps with planning the time allocated to write and thinking ahead.


We keep it simple, with an easy outlining method and advice. Anyone can do this, so don’t worry.  You can even transcribe much of your book, as long as you keep references used.

After the book development stage is complete and you have integrated our suggestions, the manuscript will be ready for copy editing stage. Many common structural problems and repetitions will have been cleared away, leaving just a professional copy editing round to go. Your book will also be long enough to meet market expectations, but not too wordy, and can be priced accordingly.

why hire a non fiction writing coach

Establish Book Writing Program – 6 to 7 Months

The full development package (under development) includes:

Audience targeting and schedule (doc)

10 sessions of writing coaching (45 minutes)

Editing Suggestions on 3,000-word blocks (i.e. 10 pages)

Q&A session about publishing or self-publishing – includes proposal or self-publishing imprint knowledge

12 months’ access to our self-publisher Book Creation & Publish course.

Mega Book and Course Planning Workbook, once available in print.


Each session has both a personal call and a helpful editorial review of 7-10 pages, including repeats and patterns. It includes a structural eye and a copy edit that makes it much easier to read.

From $3,300 – $4,500, including the workbook and video training access.
Or access the special monthly payment plan for up to 7 months.

Order the Establish Program Brochure to read all the inclusions.

Get your book finished – with Jennifer’s help:

If you’re keen to find out about working with a writing coach, then book in with Jennifer for a 25-minute strategising session

Included in the Non-Fiction Writing Coaching Package:

Scheduled writing/publishing coaching sessions, plus regular editing suggestions in Word or Docs. Can be spaced to suit your book writing and work schedule.  Coaching includes: tailored advice, a 1-page publishing schedule, and guides to inform you and get you kick-started.

Please note: Pricing is in Australian currency. GST is not currently charged. ABN 80 544 508 158.  Business Author Academy abides by the privacy laws and the state legislation of Queensland.

As a Writing Coaching or Editing client, get 12 months free membership to Book Creation Self-Publish. Worth $227.  Prices as at July 2023.

Log in and download all the audios, tutorials, a Self-Publishing Schedule, and read articles on self-publishing, legal aspects, production/editing, readership offers, marketing & branding, print-on-demand guidance, and a media guide. Also see our other author services.