Learn How to Create Best-selling Non-Fiction Books and Publish Them Yourself

If I can do it, so can you!

Course open and updated in Dec 2023 with Australian knowledge


Tired of not knowing how to create books easily, at the mercy of self-publishing sharks? 

I feel passionate that anyone who is open to learning can learn to:

  • Create their own book publishing imprint
  • Get started with my mind map, refine and outline technique
  • Save money on subsidy publishing packages -- or at least be well-informed!

Book Creation Self-Publish

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Here’s Your Extra Value Guides and Workbook

Get access and find the right document or template within each relevant topic, just when you need it.

12 months' access is included in one course fee.


Non-fiction book plan and pitch (.odt / .docx) - complete with instructions

Writing & Publishing Schedule (.docx) - how I keep book creation on track


Downloadable Guides include:

  • Checklist for legal issues
  • Book Marketing Promotions - 18 tips
  • Brand & Market Attraction Guide (5 pages)
  • Action List for Bestseller Status
  • Library Guide & Book Design tips

Learn what to do for your best chances of book publishing success!

NEW! The MEGA Book & Course Planning Workbook

This helps you to fly through the course with all the prompts and research sources. 

You can print it out, or for those with a postal address in Australia, you can get a hard copy posted! (9 available)

Course Lesson List

Welcome to the Course

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Funding your Book

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Happy customers

"Jennifer does more than edit my writing. As a first time writer, she gave me a lot of information that has made the process much smoother than it would otherwise have been, saving me time and money."

Olejuru Lanfear

I appointed Jennifer Lancaster to be my Book Writing Coach in 2020 to help me complete the draft of a self-help book I had commenced 9 years ago. 

Working together, Jennifer not only got back to me promptly with excellent suggestions on my grammar, spelling, etc, but also on my writing style, which began to improve (to my delight) under her tutelage!

Jennifer also forwarded to me suggestions re book covers, self-publishing, articles and ideas on how to approach others for possible review.  She was always encouraging, with LOTS of patience during the process! 

I also received membership access to ‘Business Author Academy’, with all the incredibly relevant material she posted.


About Jen Lancaster

I'm an author and editor who teaches other authors the tricks of the trade in self-publishing books.

I learnt copywriting from Bob Bly, and marketing from traditional education courses.
But most of all, I learnt creative self publishing from doing it the hard way, bit by bit.

Don't let your journey to publishing take 15 years also!


Module 1: Learn about Publishing

You'll learn the Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing vs. Finding a Publisher

Also find out Typical Costs of Book Production. 


Module 2: Steps to Writing a Book

Learn to conduct research to find your ideal readers.  Video on mind mapping a book along with an outline example.

What is a theme? Hooks to hook your readers...
Writing methods I use and estimated timelines. 


Module 3: Book Production

Steps for Paperback books and Tips to hire an editor and designer. Also, tips to do your own book design and a table to compare book layout programs. 

Videos on comparing book print charges and judging your royalties. 


Module 4: Administrator Tutor

A big part of self-publishing is knowing how what to put in the boxes!

Find out about KDP Select, and IngramSpark accounts, plus ISBN filling. We explain the TitlePage and Publishers' Association option on video.

Videos on comparing book print charges and judging your royalties. 


Module 5: Know Your Legals

Find out important copyright points, defamation, and legal deposit.

Download the quotes and extracts PDF from Copyright Council.

What is

The cost of inaction?

How long would it take you to gather and learn this information yourself? Years? 

Then there's the cost. People have told me on the phone they spent $6,000 to learn half of it - how to self publish. Apparently this American guy is rich now!

Another fellow said he spent $20,000 after listening to the big lies of a vanity publishing firm!

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Mega Planning Workbook (bonus as above)

Get the printed version for just $20 more. 

My Personal Brand book

Get an exclusive discount - the latest book on branding and eliciting your value for a wholesale price. 

Marketing articles - ongoing

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Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

"Your editing is exactly what I needed in all the many areas that I did not know enough. Thank you also for clarifying some of the Amazon complexities I was trying to grasp. I am so very grateful to have found you. I know the book will be much improved as a result."

Eve DyerPsychologist

"I took time selecting the best editor for my book, Joyful Eating. Jennifer’s editing style stood out from other example edits I received. She really understood who the book was for and her editing style reflected this. Jennifer made edits that not only ensured my work was grammatically correct; she edited in a way that ensured that the book was engaging while maintaining my voice throughout.

The process of editing was seamless, and I am delighted with the final draft and feel my book is far more readable. I would not hesitate to engage her services for any future writing projects. Thanks, Jennifer!"

Tansy BoggonAuthor

"Jennifer was great to work with – thorough with helpful feedback that allowed me to get my manuscript to a finished product.  Highly recommended."

Simon HawkAuthor

Tips on your book publishing journey

Learn more about our standpoint on writing a book - before you enrol. Instantly download.

Final words...

I offer to review a simple outline of your intended book - all part of the course, which will be helpful in making your new book the best it can be. 

You are one step away from having nothing to stop you publish! Whenever you have a question, just pop it into the course lesson question box. 

Jennifer Lancaster