Book Launch
Support Package

Let your book shine and your author presence rock,
through engaging words and media


A ‘wow’ set of marketing materials, ready for your new brand and book presence!

A LinkedIn bio that’s attractive and launch materials that resonate with your tribe.

Book launch support

Are you struggling with how to sell a new book about to launch?

Every specialty author goes through the same thing. You start out motivated, with big plans to launch your awesome book and skyrocket your impact. 

You invest in the ‘how to launch’ courses and then it hits you… You realise there’s one huge obstacle standing in between you and your book (or course) selling dreams…

A year of contacting media and creating great content!

  • You need to get specific with your crowd, 
  • You need to write to the benefits, and
  • You need to find the time for these content marvels!

Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Rather than not knowing what to do and stop-starting, this package of planning, ideas, and editorial support takes care of all the ‘must-haves’ for a successful launch.

Working with you one-to-one, this done-with-you package aims to take out the ‘unknowns’ from getting audience reach. It ensures you will get lots of payback for your book writing efforts.

Audience Reach Strategy

Who are you for? An audience is not homogenous, so what are the pain points and interests of these people? What is the best way to reach more of them? Ideal intent in line with your service range – so you can charge the right amount.

We’ll have a session to understand it better before we write out an audience reach plan, including best social media platforms.

Author Bio

What unique value do you bring? An author biography is used in your media kit, Amazon Author Central, and About web page. It notes your value, niche, and authority points in this area.

Jen will interview you to make a new Author Bio with some authentic points to help engage your new crowd.

Plus: guidance on updating your LinkedIn account, including the Publications section.

Media Kit 

Get noticed by Podcasters and Summit Hosts. We place your bio, book cover shot, pricing and social media links in a specially designed PDF, which is a two-page guide highlighting your value, your book and achievements.

This will be all ready for podcasts, talks, retreats and summits… which you will soon be enjoying.

In Power Marketing, Jennifer Lancaster explores over 60 ideas for marketing your small business or online enterprise. Bootstrap your best foot forward, with advice on:

  • Business Planning
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Sales Conversion and Up-selling
  • Product Marketing
  • Copywriting Guidelines
  • Defining a USP
  • Website Essentials, and
  • Outsourcing

Drawing on real-world business experience, we also look at determinants of success and common costly mistakes in advertising. It could save you plenty!

Jennifer Lancaster has been a copywriter, editor and author since 2008, after working in marketing communications for a decade. Her work for a website designer’s clientele first inspired her to help business owners become better marketers. Now she helps new authors.

Book Blurb

Drawing out the best five hot-selling points noted in your book, we’ll suggest some words to make your book blurb a riveting one.

Mentoring so that publishing platforms show a beautiful blurb, instead of the squashed up one you often see.

After our questions and book browse, we’ll make a list of 26 themes, images and messaging you can use to make content for each week for LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms.

  • Planning actionable content that are not just Reels and Lives that disappear.
  • We supply 26 weeks of content themes and messaging, to promote your book or theories… this is instantly revisable content
  • 12 pre-done Canva images will be shared
  • 3D book images included
  • Your book marketing plan will all be set up (Asana) and can be used to track your launch activity.
  • We’ll add some unique activities for your spheres of talent as well. For instance, if speaking at large events is planned, 5 of these would be suggested. If more a writer, we will plan plenty of ideas that suit media with the written word.
  • Now included: Netgalley+ Listing.

NetGalley+ is a great way for all authors and publishers to access top reviewers with their pre-launch book (primarily on Amazon and other places). There are over 360,000+ reviewers on NetGalley. All are pre-approved. Librarians, booksellers, journalists, top Amazon reviewers, and influential bloggers. (Netgalley usual basic listing for 6 months is from US$499)

BooksGoSocial/NetGalley+ service allows your book to get on the international site NetGalley for one month. This means that your book will be in great company, alongside books by the largest traditional publishers in the world.

* BooksGoSocial receives a mean average of 4 reviews per book uploaded.

general author assistance
  • Mentoring to encourage your author brand’s growth into new markets, through partnerships and summits.
  • Referrals where needed.
  • This will be 1 x 45-minute mentoring session at start, 1 x 30-minute mentoring session at month 2 
about the package

How much is it?

This total package has a higher market value, but because I wanted people to make their book launch and business successful… rather than experience the disappointment that so many non-fiction authors have felt… I decided to make a special intro offer of $650.

Can we fit you in?

This offer is available for FIVE clients per month so I can offer excellence in wording and support. Book in your free Discovery call, or if you’ve had that, apply today through our contact form. Once we’ve talked, you’ll get a full Service Agreement.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re hesitating because you don’t think you are up to this, don’t! We do it together. But, if you don’t achieve a new height of visibility and marketing prowess after delving into and using all the program parts, then apply for your money back. We only want happy customers who are getting their work visible.

Shiny New Course Syndrome

Are you tempted to sign up for different courses or group programs?  Although a great way to learn, with these types you don’t get the copy and editing support or the tailored media and marketing ideas. We also have a list of editorial accepting magazines in Australia.

If you want to benefit from an effective marketing support system, then get the dedication of a person or company with the skills and time.

Book & Course Planning Workbook bonus. Advance your plans and creativity by answering the questions within this helpful 32-page digital guide.

Get a free Niche Marketing and Book guide (print) with session 2

Sharing your Review/Story on our Blog.

Content Creation: for Companies
From $700 p.m.3-months
  • No training, just the Brand Content created for you, ready for launch.
  • ------
  • Planning, writing and editing of different social media content pieces. LinkedIn summary.
  • Product blurb writing. Either webinar script or downloadable guide.
  • Comes with design and layout!
  • All in AUD
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