Book editing is an essential service for self-publishing authors.

My book needs editing to make it flow…

The ideal editing service consists of a thorough edit called a ‘Line Edit’, so that your meaning comes across well. This edit can also be applied to documents, as well as books. It is a little more thorough than copy editing.

Line Editing looks at paragraph flow, keeping to voice, and sub-headings, and gives recommendations for improving the overall readability. As well, the copy editor will check references, at times suggest clearer headings, and impose a standard referencing style.

You may have already put in some work trying to reduce errors and improve construction. This level is appropriate for those with complex prose.

For an all-inclusive book editing approach, please book a free 20-minute consultation with Jennifer. She’ll find out about your project and if our services are a fit. She will also give some key information on appropriate timelines, costs, and editing stages.

For those who want to publish a print book

Working solely on non-fiction books, Jennifer works with the author to achieve a book of high quality, one that’s right for the target market.

This book editing service is tailored to the needs of the manuscript. Our quotation will be tailored to length and difficulty. Initially, you can check out my book editing cost guesstimator below. 

A manuscript assessment at the early stages may be useful, especially if the author doesn’t know if their argument is solid or if they suspect there is repetition.

Firstly, Jennifer examines whether the book content is complete and whether all parts will resonate with its niche target audience. Inevitably, some parts will need more work and a little drawing together. We ask that you look over any direct-from-speech text before sending it for editing.

So, what can you expect?

Book Editing Package Inclusions

Within two rounds, our work will ensure that the material is well-organised, factual, original, and has a logical flow. Ever flexible, we use ‘suggestions’ tracking, voice listening, and comments/feedback. We may also give you audience targeting tips.

A special structural and copy editing package includes:

  • A read-through and then give written advice on how to tighten the structure, ensuring logical flow
  • Correction of spelling and grammar, included in the second round
  • Ensuring consistency of voice, consistency within paragraphs
  • Making active, direct voice, not passive
  • Checking that illustrations, tables and bullet lists are used effectively
  • Re-writing (example sentences) to improve the clarity, structure and flow
  • Giving suggestions on the removal of extraneous text
  • Giving suggestions on creating a more persuasive argument, with examples, evidence, and comparisons, or in some cases, quotes
  • Proofreading is also advised as a final step.

This ‘experienced eye’ looking at your work conceptually can greatly assist in creating a better book. A book editor should work with you for a better result, not blindly make grammatical changes.


What Personal Qualities Do I Bring as Your Book Editor?

My own books centre on marketing a business and managing your money. My favourite style of book is one where the reader is learning something as they read the relevant anecdotes.

I can do in-depth editing on your book, if on self-help (mindset), memoir, personal finances, or marketing.

Writing coaching (which comes with editing suggestions) is a feasible alternative to complete ghostwriting and we can help with your written voice.

Editing Cost Estimator

Editing Type

Per Word


If 30,000 Words

Manuscript Assessment


Add 10%


Line Edit (one round + review changes)


Add 10%


Structural Package
1. Big picture suggestions
2. Copy edit and review


Not available


Comprehensive Edit (two full rounds, intensive level)


Not available


Writing Coaching.   

If you prefer fortnightly support as you write your book, consider developmental coaching lessons (these include editor feedback). Or you can elect to have two sessions per month and feedback, for a well-rounded book coaching program, and have support all the way to the finish line!

Self-Publishing Mentoring. Best for those who are also getting other services. Book here.

This will save you time, give you confidence to continue publishing, and inform you on the pros and cons of self-publishing or subsidy publishing.