These testimonials were left by Jennifer’s clients from the year 2012 onwards.

Robert Jefferies

“As a first time indy publisher, Jennifer’s guidance and professional editing work has been invaluable. Thank you for the patience and support.” (Google review).


I appointed Jennifer Lancaster to be my Book Writing Coach in 2020 to help me complete the draft of a self-help book I had commenced 9 years ago. Working together, Jennifer not only got back to me promptly with excellent suggestions on my grammar, spelling, etc, but also on my writing style, which began to improve (to my delight) under her tutelage!

Jennifer also forwarded to me suggestions re book covers, self-publishing, articles and ideas on how to approach others for possible review.  She was always encouraging, with LOTS of patience during the process!

I also received membership access to ‘Business Author Academy’, with all the incredibly relevant material she posted.

Simon Hawk


“Jennifer was great to work with – thorough with helpful feedback that allowed me to get my manuscript to a finished product.  Highly recommended.”

Eve Dyer


“Your editing is exactly what I needed in all the many areas that I did not know enough. Thank you also for clarifying some of the Amazon complexities I was trying to grasp. I am so very grateful to have found you. I know the book will be much improved as a result.”


Tansy Boggon


“I took time selecting the best editor for my book, Joyful Eating. Jennifer’s editing style stood out from other example edits I received. She really understood who the book was for and her editing style reflected this. Jennifer made edits that not only ensured my work was grammatically correct; she edited in a way that ensured that the book was engaging while maintaining my voice throughout.

The process of editing was seamless, and I am delighted with the final draft and feel my book is far more readable. I would not hesitate to engage her services for any future writing projects. Thanks, Jennifer!”

Olejuru Lanfear


“Jennifer does more than edit my writing. As a first time writer, she gave me a lot of information that has made the process much smoother than it would otherwise have been, saving me time and money.”

Martin Hadfield


“Working with Jennifer on my first ebook project was an absolute pleasure. Not only did she guide me through the publishing process but she also added invaluable editing advice along the way. Her professionalism and expertise is apparent in the quality of the finished product. I learnt a lot working with Jennifer and will not hesitate to seek her services to assist with my next project.

(“Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life” is a travel guide that helps you to navigate your way through the hazards of office life).”

Robert McAnderson

“As a writer trying to share my extensive knowledge, my thought process sometimes jumps ahead of my typing skills and consequently my work is sometimes a little disjointed.

Jennifer’s comments on my work and her suggested changes brought clarity to my thinking and helped me more effectively share my story. Truly a delight to work with and I would recommend her service to anyone who is looking to publish their work.”

Tony Hughes

“Thanks for the manuscript, the Bibliography looks great, you have done a magnificent job.  In terms of time you spent on the drafts, it was in my opinion, value for money.  I can’t think how you could have achieved a better result.  You were willing to take on work from someone with an appalling grasp of the fundamentals of English grammar, someone who frequently strayed from the subject at hand, someone who didn’t understand the publishing process, basically someone who needed a lot of guidance.  You did all that and more in good humour and spirits, thank you, it has been an honour to work with you.”

John & Alison Algate

“Just wanted to let you know we have received the hard copy proof of Jessie’s House of Needles and it has turned out just as we had hoped it would. (Typesetting)

Thanks again for your help in the production.”

Philip Fitzpatrick

Philip“I found Jennifer easy to work with, although she did not go easy on my text. It was just what I needed and the book is in a much better place for her insights.

My non-fiction manual style book was stupefyingly boring but Jenifer was too polite to say this out flat. By encouraging me to review chapters, omit sections and stop repeating myself, we may just have something readable.” (Line editing).

Gabrielle Earls

“I have just received the printed copy of my book “Birth in Awareness – a handbook of prenatal yoga” and the layout, font choice and size recommended by Jennifer have created a printed layout that is better than I had hoped for. The margins are perfect as is the layout of the images and sections. This was a complex job and Jennifer’s skill and attention to detail are evident through the pages.

Jen also edited my work and had great grammatical and sentence structure suggestions. I highly recommend her for professional and efficient services and if anything she undervalues how talented she is at book publishing. I am very grateful for the work she has done on my book. I would have no hesitation in using her again, and can highly recommend her services.”

Soraya Saraswati

“Jennifer has a very honest and friendly manner which makes working with her flow very easily. Her editing skills are clear and very helpful. Thank you Jennifer for your part in my journey towards publishing.”

Fred van Urk

“I have been working on my book on and off for a couple of years now. It’s approx. 30,000 words of brain download of my tricks and techniques of selling. During this time I had been working with Jennifer to help me edit my thoughts. It was a much larger undertaking than I originally anticipated but I am thankful that I had Jennifer by my side. Her continued patience, guidance and help, plus moral support was much appreciated.

I would highly recommend Jennifer to anybody who is looking at self-publishing a book. From my experience, it can be quite a lonely and soul-baring experience, so it was nice to share the journey with somebody else.”

Nhan Nguyen

“I love working with Jennifer, she is proactive and consistently enthusiastic! Great work and keep it up!”

Diana M-Vincer

“I went to Jennifer because I knew she could help me with her editing services. I needed to have my book edited. She made sure to carry out this work in a comprehensive way. In my opinion, Jennifer’s editing services give you openings to deliver the best of you.”