Seeking to Self-Publish a Stand-Out Book… But Need Full Support?

If you’re a writer who has a business, but don’t yet have the manuscript development skills… have your considered getting a book writing coach?

As an author with over 12 years’ experience in publishing, I may able to help in your quest to become a purposeful, profitable author / course facilitator.

As a non-fiction editor, I’ve helped over 25 authors to improve their manuscript.

With the right temperament and budget, you and I can strive towards a beautifully-written and trusted book.

Usually, writers and editors have different strengths. That said, I’ve been working as a copywriter and editor since 2009 — so I can actually do both. I believe this makes my writer coaching and editing more helpful for the novice writer.

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Types of Editing or Mentoring Services:

Books to help you prosper.

Creative Ways

Book Writing Coaching and Editing Services - Australia

With lots of experience in writing books, I specialise in mentoring authors with non-fiction books who are struggling to finish, polish, publish, and promote their book.

Why Choose Jennifer’s Editorial Support?

  • Eternal patience with new people to the art of book writing or publishing, as shown by these grateful author testimonials.
  • Help with guidance on the different paths of publishing, including DIY or finding the publisher for you!
  • A focus on your niche market from day one, as well as your key goal from writing
  • Some helpful resources about garnering an online ‘tribe’ and getting media publicity, all tailored to the Australian
  • Every element of your book writing is helped with: focus on a theme, written voice consistency, breaking patterns, structural elements, the length is suitable, keeping to genre type, language of intended audience.

Which stage are you at?

If you’re near the beginning of book writing and want regular support, see the Book Writing Program

If you’re in the middle and need a co-writer/editor giving advice on your manuscript, Jennifer offers the finalise and edit program.

Or if you want some training on marketing, for your online presence… see Author Marketing Training.

Book Creation Success club helps with self-publishing advice/marketing resources for print-on-demand users.

I found Jennifer easy to work with, although she did not go easy on my text. It was just what I needed and the book is in a much better place for her insights.
My non-fiction manual style book was stupefyingly boring but Jenifer was too polite to say this out flat. By encouraging me to review chapters, omit sections and stop repeating myself, we may just have something readable.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Author, A Builder's Companion

As a writer trying to share my extensive knowledge, my thought process sometimes jumps ahead of my typing skills and consequently my work is sometimes a little disjointed.

Jennifer’s comments on my work and her suggested changes brought clarity to my thinking and helped me more effectively share my story. Truly a delight to work with and I would recommend her service to anyone who is looking to publish their work.

sales management author

Robert McAnderson

Author, Sales Management: Coaching a Winning Sales Team

Working with Jennifer on my first ebook project was an absolute pleasure. Not only did she guide me through the publishing process but she also added invaluable editing advice along the way. Her professionalism and expertise is apparent in the quality of the finished product. I learnt a lot working with Jennifer and will not hesitate to seek her services to assist with my next project.

(“Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life” is a travel guide that helps you to navigate your way through the hazards of office life).

Martin Hadfield

Author, Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life

Jennifer has a very honest and friendly manner which makes working with her flow very easily. Her editing skills are clear and very helpful. Thank you Jennifer for your part in my journey towards publishing.

Soraya Saraswati

Author of From Grief to Gratitude

Jennifer does more than edit my writing. As a first time writer, she gave me a lot of information that has made the process much smoother than it would otherwise have been, saving me time and money.

book editor Australia

Olejuru Lanfear

Author, The Fundamentals of Planning

Your editing is exactly what I needed in all the many areas that I did not know enough. Thank you also for clarifying some of the Amazon complexities I was trying to grasp. I am so very grateful to have found you. I know the book will be much improved as a result.

Eve Dyer

Eve Dyer, Psychologist

Author, Ignite Your Power

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