I help authors to write and polish a book that lights them up, and encourage them to fearlessly step into the author spotlight

For soloists, creators and keynote speakers who want to create ONE amazing book, or a suite of ebooks, an experienced editor and writing coach can come in handy.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Lancaster, a marketer, how-to author and editor. Through a varied mix of skills and an eye for the marketplace, I help people to write a polished book that ‘hits the spot’.

It’s best if you have a business to benefit from this, but if not, my retired clients have found my creative editing strategies useful. 

Check out my portfolio of happy editing and mentoring clients.

Jennifer Lancaster Book Coach

Specialisation in Nonfiction

Mentoring authors of non-fiction who are seeking high-level editing support for publishing their books.

Knowledge of Marketing

To your aims, we create a book marketing and media plan, with content ideas and a hot-selling point blurb to support your book launch. This includes consultation.

Self-Publishing Help

Learning to self-publish books is the best way to become an independent writer for life. That’s why I put together Book Creation Self-Publish, with its video tutorials, self-publishing advice and book creation resources for the indie author.

Marketing? Production? Legal? KDP & IngramSpark?  Benefit from my 15+ years of publishing knowledge - take the course or use my book launch support

Book Coaching and Author Training Services:

To get started, you might participate in writing coaching sessions. We schedule these ahead so that I can review the piece of writing and give suggestions.

  • Coaching on writing a book, audience research and pre-launch activities
  • Marketing plan and support for a private-sale book launch
  • Future Training Course

    Simple strategies to start you off on your website-making, author interviews, book marketing and blogging. This course is just what you need to know, and nothing you don't. (Also, it's going to be introduced at an entry level price, which you'll appreciate).

    Copy editing flow chart

    Book Editing

    • Book blurb editing and book reversions 
    • Copy Editing – non-fiction book specialist
    • Website Editing

    My Books

    My Personal Brand book

    My Personal Brand Book

    Get the new guide to building a personal brand, authentically

    "Thanks Jennifer for the great job in organising to get this book self published, the artwork help, typesetting and checking everything. I really valued your input and help."



    "I’d like to thank Jennifer Lancaster for the great job in organising to get this book self published, the exquisite interior design, typesetting and checking every element. You have been incredible to work with and I couldn’t have done this without you."

    Pettifleur Berenger


    "I love working with Jennifer, she is proactive and consistently enthusiastic! Great work and keep it up!"

    Nhan Nguyen


    "Just wanted to let you know we have received the hard copy proof of Jessie’s House of Needles and it has turned out just as we had hoped it would. (Typesetting)

    Thanks again for your help in the production."

    John & Alison Algate


    "I went to Jennifer because I knew she could help me with her editing services. I needed to have my book edited. She made sure to carry out this work in a comprehensive way. In my opinion, Jennifer’s editing services give you openings to deliver the best of you."

    Diana M-Vincer


    "Jennifer Lancaster edited my book, “Creating Healthy Life Habits.” I was very impressed with both Jennifer’s efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. Jennifer made recommendations to the text, making suggestions to change sentences or the order of words, so that it read better, and also picked up some minor but very important grammatical and punctuation errors. I was very happy with her suggestions and the work she did. I would have no hesitation in using her again, and can highly recommend her services."

    Mandy Napier


    "I have been working on my book on and off for a couple of years now. It’s approx. 30,000 words of brain download of my tricks and techniques of selling. During this time I had been working with Jennifer to help me edit my thoughts. It was a much larger undertaking than I originally anticipated but I am thankful that I had Jennifer by my side. Her continued patience, guidance and help, plus moral support was much appreciated.

    I would highly recommend Jennifer to anybody who is looking at self-publishing a book. From my experience, it can be quite a lonely and soul-baring experience, so it was nice to share the journey with somebody else."

    Fred Van Urk

    Author, Sales Coach

    “We highly recommend the services of Jennifer Lancaster of Power of Words. She offers value for money and excellent design and technical support.

    We needed a fairly technical environment policy manuscript finessed into contents-and-cover files suitable for upload to print-on-demand. Through the many iterations of this task, we found Jennifer to be highly responsive and professional.

    With Jennifer as our colleague, we got a great design at a reasonable price, assistance was on hand for the upload, and we were pleased with the crisp appearance of the resulting print title. Thank you, Jennifer.”

    Stephen Saunders & Kathleen Mackie


    "I am very happy and thankful to Jennifer and Power of Words for the creative licence she encouraged throughout all processes involved in putting 21st Century Mice on paper. The final product exceeded expectations – work to an excellent standard – and a life’s goal was achieved."

    E.S. E'Lappelle