Book Support Service Pricing

Book Support Service Pricing

Frustrated by trying to write and self-publish a book all on your own?  Then get your book on the road with our supportive book editing or author coaching services.


Book Publishing/Other Support Services:

  • Book Writing Coaching – non-fiction, creative memoir
  • Author Academy (Book Creation Success, a self-publisher’s course and club)
  • Line Editing
  • Structural Editing—Very limited number of authors taken.
  • Copywriting of reports and eBooks—$85 per hour
  • Author’s Marketing Mentoring—$90 per hour.

Line Editing

Line editing looks at language and communication of your message. Our line editing packs a punch, with sub-heading suggestions, paragraph flow correction, less repetition, topic sentence suggestions, and look at consistent voice. This adds 10-20% extra time onto the time estimates below.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a thorough editing round for spelling, grammar, consistency, word choice, and punctuation.

Guideline for hours required:

  • A lead magnet (5,000 words) can take about 7 hours to create headings, arrange and copyedit.
  • A short book (30,000 words) can take between 16–24 hours to edit.
  • A longer book (70,000 words) can take between 35–45 hours to edit.

If we are not available, Julie Martyn of GrammarFun can help you with copyediting at a professional level and will quote on sighting of the work.

Writing Coaching

Rather than developmental work, Jennifer now offers a fully-inclusive Writing Coaching program over six months.
These suggestions will help you, right from the start:

  • connect to the reader
  • stay on the theme
  • stay on voice
  • perform a re-structure of material, if required
  • with advice on referencing and copyright matters.

Jennifer also includes book blurb writing (with hot selling points) and short author bio suggestions.

With fortnightly Zoom calls and regular feedback on chapters, this friendly book writer coaching keeps you on track.

Place your book with an experienced Editor and Writer.

Self-Publishing Training
$129For Course
  • We provide self-publishing training (complete resources at or
  • author training on marketing. Add on personal mentoring for only $90 (notes and session).
Line Editing
$70per hour
  • Line editing of non-fiction in such a way that enables the reader to enjoy the book.
  • Copy editing of all business documents.

Important Notes

Power of Words/Business Author Academy (ABN 80 544 508 158) is not registered for GST. Rates are valid as at May 2021. Packages are subject to change.

After a service agreement is approved, we accept a deposit to start (invoiced) and final invoice is payable after final draft.

Coaching Packages are inclusive of either emails or video phone calls and may not include site meetings in your area. The packages can be customised regarding dates. Please apply for a special estimate if project is ‘outside the box’. Age pensioner discounts may apply.

We do not have arrangements with any Assisted Publishers, nor any printers, so you can get some unbiased advice. Referral of book cover enquiries go to a good freelance designer.

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