Frustrated by trying to write and self-publish a book all on your own?  Then get your book on the road with our supportive editing and author coaching services in Australia.

Publishing Services for the writer:

  • Developmental, Line and Copy Editing – non-fiction only
  • Writing Coaching
  • Project management (finding good designers and administrative matters)

Place your book with an experienced Editor who has 15 years of writing and editing experience, and University qualifications in communications.

Line editing
$66an hour
  • Line editing looks at language and communication of your message. Our editing packs a punch, with sub-heading suggestions, paragraph flow correction, less repetition, topic sentence suggestions, and consistent voice. This might take 10-20 hours per short book (25,000 words). Please enquire for an estimate of your work.
  • Copy editing is thorough editing for spelling, grammar, consistency, word choice, and punctuation. This might take 14 - 20 hours per short book. If suited, we will quote for this.
  • Developmental/substantive editing suits a newer writer who is struggling with structure and theme. It looks at the text from a broader perspective. Suggestions will help you get the core message out, cut out any waffle, re-structure some material, and advise on referencing.
Writer Coaching: Professional
$500per month
  • This Writer Coaching and Developmental Editing is designed for a non-writer who is in business. Besides everything included in private writer coaching, we include the pertinent topics of leveraging book publishing, legal issues, PR tips, media list, and tailored book launch advice to suit. Access to all resources at Business Author Academy membership (for $5 monthly, which is then deducted from invoices).
  • Total: $3,000 - program delivered over six months.
eBook/Lead Magnet Writing

This kind of eBook is only for your website — offered free of charge to visitors to encourage an email sign-up. Started? We can take a look at your outline and create content that resonates with your niche audience. As well, we edit, do design/layout and get a proofreader to check the final PDF. Ask for a price guide.

Self-Publishing Coaching

Self-Publishing Coaching includes:

  • How to publish (IngramSpark or Amazon or Blurb)
  • How to make an ebook
  • Where to get an ISBN / what to say
  • Uploading titles to Print-on-Demand correctly
  • How to claim the US tax exemption (5% withholding tax only)
  • Library suppliers information – will get you minimum sales
  • Copyright/quoting info – keep your book legal
  • Niche book marketing info
  • Amazon listing versus selling your own Book

Included for all clients in our main programs: Writer Coaching or Line Editing.

Website Copywriting

Under Power of Words, I can take a brief to understand your market, then research and write copy for your website. Please enquire with some details about page length and industry for a rough price guide or quote. The copy is then amended by you (twice) and proofread by our proofreader once online.

Power of Words (ABN 80 544 508 158) is not registered for GST. Rates are valid as at January 2019, and hourly rates are subject to change. We usually accept a deposit to start (invoiced).

Coaching Packages are inclusive of either emails or phone calls and do not include (unless quoting directly) an onsite meeting. Further coaching/mentoring over allotted time is billed at $75 per hour; time to be agreed in advance. Editing rates – please enquire – pensioner discounts may apply.

We do not have arrangements with any Assisted Publishers, nor any printers, so you can get some unbiased advice. Referral of book cover enquiries go to a good freelance designer.