My other portfolio covers:  business website copywriting, product descriptions, landing pages/squeeze pages, case studies, sales letters, opt-in reports, press releases, and published articles. Power of Words from 2008 – 2022.

Ignite Your Power - Line Editing, Proofreading, Advice

Eve had been writing this book for 12 long years but had yet to find the right kind of editor. We helped in numerous ways, from getting the right blurb to proofreading to web designer advice. We let the voice be different where it needed to be, as this was the only way to give the reader some reflection on universal human problems.

Date: October 2019.

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Eve Dyer

“Your editing is exactly what I needed in all the many areas that I did not know enough. I am so very grateful to have found you. I know the book will be much improved as a result.” – Eve Dyer, Psychologist

Ignite book cover

Comprehensive Editing. 2018.

Being the editor and project manager for this history book, our support entailed editing the blurb, line editing, proofreading, title feedback, referrals, and sorting out the bibliography.

Tony book caption


“Thanks for the manuscript, the Bibliography looks great, you have done a magnificent job. In terms of the time you spent on the drafts, it was in my opinion, value for money.

You were willing to take on work from someone with an appalling grasp of the fundamentals of English grammar, someone who frequently strayed from the subject at hand, someone who didn’t understand the publishing process, basically someone who needed a lot of help and guidance. You did all that and more in good humour and spirits, thank you, it has been an honour to work with you.”

– Tony Hughes, history author

Joyful Eating - Line Editing

Joyful Eating is a self-help book that helps someone give up the dieting mindset. It details principles and contains exercises and tables.

Tansy wanted editing help to get a more casual tone, reduce excess verbiage and reduce word repetition. To make it sound more confident, I took out many cases of ‘or’ (but only where it was ‘over-writing’).  I also advised Tansy about an ideal length for the book and she did a lot of work to get the book down in word numbers.

See the book page: www.joyfuleatingnutrition.com

To make it as reader-friendly as possible, I also ensured a good flow and a connection to the reader.

Author Tansy“I took time selecting the best editor for my book, Joyful Eating. Jennifer’s editing style stood out from other example edits I received. She really understood who the book was for and her editing style reflected this. Jennifer made edits that not only ensured my work was grammatically correct; she edited in a way that ensured that the book was engaging while maintaining my voice throughout.

The process of editing was seamless, and I am delighted with the final draft and feel my book is far more readable. I would not hesitate to engage her services for any future writing projects. Thanks, Jennifer!

Tansy Boggon, March 2019

Joyful Eating Tansy

The Fundamentals of Planning - Comprehensive Editing

A project where we gave advice on the structure of the book, the correct line edits, and made sure it was understandable for the target reader. Comprehensive editing.


“Jennifer does more than edit my writing. As a first-time writer, she gave me a lot of information that has made the process much smoother than it would otherwise have been, saving me time and money.”

– Olejuru Lanfear

Fundamentals of Planning book edit

Executive Resilience - Line Editing

Line editing of this 65,000-word book on resilience in the workplace. Included some self-publishing advice. 2017.

See the book by Jurie Roseau: Amazon page

I really enjoy editing psychology books like this one. Instead of simply copy editing the manuscript, I also ensure a good flow and a connection to the reader.

Seeing to the consistency in written voice, logical progression, and chapter titling all form part of the first round of a comprehensive editing service.

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life - Line Editing

Management of this health tips and car care book, including copy editing, ebook creation, choosing of images, typesetting, administration, and uploading artwork. Independently published by Dr Roger Smith: aka The Simple Doctor.

Date:  July 2016

See the blog page: jenniferlancaster.com.au/book-reviews/take-simple-drive-healthier-life-review

Dr Smith

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life review

[vc_hoverbox image=”6206″ primary_title=”Selling is Like S.x” hover_title=”Line Editing” el_width=”70″]Copy Editing, suggestions, and moral support.

Project Detail

  • Client: Fred van Urk
  • Date: June 2017
  • Category: Client Books

“I have been working on my book on and off for a couple of years. It’s approx. 30,000 words of brain download of my tricks and techniques of selling. During this time I had been working with Jennifer to help me edit my thoughts. It was a much larger undertaking than I originally anticipated but I am thankful that I had Jennifer by my side. Her continued patience, guidance and help, plus moral support was much appreciated.

I would highly recommend Jennifer to anybody who is looking at self-publishing a book. From my experience, it can be quite a lonely and soul-baring experience, so it was nice to share the journey with somebody else.

— Fred Van Urk[/vc_hoverbox]

[vc_hoverbox image=”22229″ primary_title=”A Builder’s Companion twin volumes” hover_title=”A Builder’s Companion” el_width=”70″]”I found Jennifer easy to work with, although she did not go easy on my text. It was just what I needed and the book is in a much better place for her insights.

My non-fiction manual-style book was stupefyingly boring but Jenifer was too polite to say this out flat. By encouraging me to review chapters, omit sections and stop repeating myself, we may just have something readable.”

Philip Fitzpatrick, A Builder’s Companion twin volumes. (Book editing, two books and 3 variants).