Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life review

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life – review

We often say that we want to live a healthier life. We make all these new year’s resolutions about exercising more and losing weight and a host of other things, but how many of us really follow-through?

Is it that we don’t have the information in front of us to help us on our journey? Sometimes it’s just a little nudge we need to remind us. This comes in the form of a new book, ‘Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life’ by Dr. Roger Smith.

In it, Roger highlights that out of 100 people surveyed in their local medical clinic, there were only 24 people with normal range BMI. He tracks some of the patient’s struggles and successes with weight control over the years, noting that it is a hard road but well worth it.

Another novel approach is his use of analogies between looking after your car (with some useful tips there) and your body and mind. As we age, we are regularly reminded about healthy living practices that we should be doing, e.g. facts on meditation, yoga, sun, and diet in Body and Soul in the Courier Mail. But usually, the advice is aimed at gleaming young bodies with no problems at all! I often get a laugh from trying the yoga or exercise actions on these pages — not even close!

Anyway, Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life has none of this. In fact, I feel its best readers could be anyone over 45, perhaps overweight or unfit, who really want to change and extend their life… without spending too much time delving into books.

Articles like this one about office workers eating lunch at their desk have long highlighted the problem with our society as we get older and spend more time sitting, indoors.  Sedentary lifestyles are robbing years from our lives. You can even do a fun test to see how really bad your current lifestyle is for you, if you dare: Test of Life app.

We all know the problems, right? But now for the solutions.  If you want a simple reminder and information about healthy living practices, read Dr. Smith’s book.

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life eBook   $1.99 – 2.99 on Countdown Deals – August 6 to August 12.

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life paperback — $17.95 (with freight) from Fishpond Australia.

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