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Creating Abundance, Stepping into your True Self

Readers, I have had a revelation. Though I’m not one to sit around a circle, chanting and raising karmic vibrations, I have been growing through a course called ‘Energetics of Money’. I believe my revelation applies to all, which is… Your success rests not on a sole focus on revenue and reward, as those adverts would have you believe, but on increasing your exchange of value and raising your personal energy/vibration to positive and generous levels. An example of the profound results of this inner work comes from one of…
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Attracting new buyers

Attracting New Buyers, Despite the Odds

What a set of terrible circumstances East Coast Aussies have had! Floods in Brisbane & Lismore & more… plus other challenges, like long wait-times on calls… Some have endured the odds of the past two years and continue to do so. Well, let’s remember how fortunate we are. Even the people who had their house flooded said, “Well, it could have been a lot worse, the next-door neighbours need more help”. But this piece is about attracting new buyers and the blockages to that, so let’s get on with it.…
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arts grants explained

Does your writing benefit Australia? Arts Grants explained

Many a time we wish for money to help push our creative work forward. But did you know if you make your plan grander, for the betterment of Australia, you can access cash arts grants! Arts Grants: what are they for? An arts project funded by the Australian Arts Council has to benefit Australia in a cultural or other diverse way. You must be a citizen or permanent resident, and you have to already be an ‘arts worker’ – i.e. book writer. (Not a never published one). For example, say,…
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launching a new edition

Bravely Chipping Away for a New Edition

If writing is a blast of creativity, self-editing is like painfully clawing away the clutter. Not only that, non-fiction editing requires a good deal of fact-checking and a good memory for what’s been said before. It’s bold work to do. This week I have been revising my book, Power Marketing: An Aussie Guide to Business Growth (edition 3). And because there are so many book, statistic and website references, plus grammar checking, it needed a lot of updating. I can’t imagine what those Dummies book authors have to do… This…
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creativity creative side

Sharing Your Creative Side

Part of the Creative Ways with Money philosophy is knowing your own strengths, skills and resources and then finding creative new ways to share them with others. In the book, we do this through finding our life’s purpose (our Ikigai), knowing what’s real and what’s not, and applying our strengths to business or online income streams. It seems everything is changing at the moment and many of us can’t figure out what to do with our time. Remember that we don’t just create in a vacuum. We must look at…
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how to use Instagram and Twitter Hashtags
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How to Use Insta and Twitter Hashtags for Authors

Learning Instagram and Twitter for authors? In making a new account for Business Author Academy, I came across some helpful information, which I’d like to share with you. Apparently, you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram posts and 10 hashtags on an Insta Story. Thinking that would be hard and admitting to sheer laziness, I was glad when someone emailed me this automated tool (87% safe rating on scamadvisor): https://Autogramtags.com What’s an Instagram Story? It’s a visual spectacle of 15 seconds (video) that you create right in the…
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Self-Publishing News and Surveys Dec 2013

I’m doing a wrap-up of November/December publishing news and research pertinent to the Self-Publisher. Much of this helpful info (and more) will also be tweeted – so please do follow me on Twitter —> Bowker Ranks SmashWords the #1 Producer of Indie Books SmashWords publishes only self-published eBooks. You can see by this US-based 2013 report, the explosion in numbers of self-published titles since 2007. How do Super-Successful Indie Authors Do It? Don’t believe what Joanna says, the woman has sold like 85,000 books on Amazon and other outlets and…
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