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News in Publishing and Book Writing

I found an interesting website for writers looking to publish with a true publisher or go in literary competitions, one that will save you ‘bags of time’. It is called DuoTrope and is free to join, with small tips for submitting to the publishers. I recommend it because the listings are all updated; they’re sifting through the wheat and chaff for you.

Their book submission manager helps authors keep track of submissions, and that’s called Duosuma.

When I was doing the Rabbit Hole Challenge writing day, I made a donation to QWC (Writer’s Centre). Then to my surprise, I won this bag! I only completed 1.5 hours of writing my book but it helped get me back ‘into the groove’. What things do you do to get your book writing going?

A New Write – Edit – Format Tool

Another new discovery… is a writing and formatting app put out by Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur. (He’s famous and also sells a Kindle research tool called Publisher Rocket).

Atticus is a versatile mix between the established programs Vellum and Scrivener – apps designed for writing, editing, and exporting to book format. 

You can import work from any kind of word processing program (.docx, .odt, .txt) into the interface, but it does not need the table of contents. 

Atticus can be used as offline app or online software, with synced use for using both. You can use it on any types of OS, Windows or Mac. (Competitor Vellum is only for Mac).

Creating an ebook (ePub) or paperback PDF is simple. Just select from one of 17 templates and click one button to apply. You can also customise a template yourself.

It is simpler feature-wise than Scrivener but better for exports and conversion as the learning curve is apparently easier. WYSIWYG = you can instantly preview how it will appear. 

You can choose from 15 different fonts (paperback). Exporting to PDF? It recognises options for IngramSpark. Hoorah! 

It costs US$149 for a lifetime license with unlimited project creation and exports to ebook and paperback. Competitor Vellum costs US$249 for both.

App is available for purchase at https://atticus.io

See the Book Creation Success course for other kinds of software tools to help design and publish an attractive book.

Partner for Publisher Rocket – Kindle research – so if you want to click the link, it will lead to a commission for me, at no cost to you.

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