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All your Writing Concerns are Needless Fears

Rejoining Medium.com, I found an article on How to Overcome Creative Blocks by LC Lynch, some of which hails from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. Without fail, each was a concern I’ve either heard from book writers or ones I’ve had myself. So, let’s discuss popular writing fears and how to overcome writer’s block. Block to Creating anything 1:  I’m not talented enough or worthy Yep, had this one. It’s apparent that newer writers think our writing is bland and not really singing its special song. We fear criticism, and some clam…
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Pay to Play Book Media and Marketing
Book Marketing

Steer Clear of Pay-to-Play Book Media

Indie author, you thought you were in the clear because you chose your own editors and designers and uploaded your books and didn’t get caught in hybrid or vanity publisher fees. Or maybe you did. Either way, there are more sharks waiting for you: it’s called Pay-to-Play Media and Marketing. Pay-to-play means hiring a company or individual to ‘guarantee’ your brand a mention in a publication, for a fee. There are all kinds: paid reviews, paid upfront (higher than $99) book awards, book fair stands, video trailers, ‘blog reviews’, pay-to-play…
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Engage the world in book creation

Engage the World in Your Book Creation to Get Traction

Sometime in the 1990s I went to see a band called TISM and had a rockin’ good time. This is Serious Mum is an anonymous, energetic rock band which riffs on social themes and is quite out there. Now what the actual has this got to do with book creation, you might ask?  Three things: Suburban and urban themes, such as pointing out real hypocrisy Energy Novel ideas – no idea is too out there Bring the energy to your Category of One Now let’s bring that kind of vibe…
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benefits of organic traffic for authors

The Benefits of Organic Traffic for Authors

You may have heard of doing work to ensure better ‘organic’ traffic on Google, i.e. natural, unpaid traffic. There are certainly many benefits for book authors to capitalise on SEO for their book or author website. (Though this article is not about search engine optimisation). People will generally find your website through a combination of their remembering your author name and/or book title. An especially rare keyword might also work. Google isn’t the only source of free visitors; there is also Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. However, these folk mostly…
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book creation apps review
Book Design

3 Book Creation Apps to Bring Your Writing Dream to Life

Dear Googlers, I know you’re prone to expecting a magical tool that whips up your book merely from thinking the thought “this is my idea for a book”. So let’s adjust expectations. There are a few software book creation apps but, like a Ferrari, they require a fairly good driver. Unlike a Ferrari, a couple are free, so we’ll start with those. 1. Reedsy Editor Online Tool The top online book creation tool for hobbyist self publishing authors is Reedsy Editor. I wrote a review on Reedsy already, which goes…
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how do I write a book - a guide
Book Writing

How Do I Write a Book? Your Book Writing Helper

This question underlies everything I do when creating books: how do I write a book that resonates with my market? Always think about a potential market first. Also, consider the barriers and pitfalls that may stop you. (To help you, this 1,800 word guide is written by me, Jennifer, an author, book coach and editor). Table of Contents for this Book Writing Guide How long should it take to write a book?How to come up with a good topic for a book?How to write a book when you have Dyslexia…
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