Kindle Select ebook publishing

Why Choose Kindle Select?

I have only one title able to enrol in Kindle Select, as with my own books I thought it best to go wide since Aussies love their iOS devices (iBooks), however, most new authors who have no platform to sell from yet are inclined to go for the narrower Kindle Select distribution option. Let’s look into why. About Kindle Select  (from Amazon KDP) When you choose to enrol your book in KDP Select, you’re committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP. During the period…
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one sheet - important doc

I Missed this Important Book Launch Document… Have you too?

When I launched Creative Ways with Money in February this year (best timing ever)… I had a long list of things to make: author book shot masses of social media images bookmark Creative Ways for Making Money bonus giveaway book web page, sales blurb, etc articles for blogging But, oops, I forgot the most important thing: a one sheet.  I did make a general media kit and rewrote my bio, so will forgive myself, but still… Why a One Sheet? For your book launch, a media sheet all about the book…
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earn money with ebooks

Earn Money in Two Ways with eBooks

You can earn money through being an affiliate at the digital eBook aggregator stores and also from selling ebooks. You’ll find the best deals don’t always go through Amazon and I’m told Australians purchase 30% of their eBooks via Apple iBooks or other smaller online stores! Two large eBook aggregators are Draft2Digital and Smashwords. There is also Lulu. _____ Example of Draft2Digital Page Creative Ways with Money eBook https://books2read.com/u/3JVrzB It Pays to Partner!  I found that Draft2Digital is a little easier to get a Word file or an ePub through…
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Advertise book using Amazon Ads

Should I Advertise My Book?

Should I advertise my book? is a common question, especially with the number of book launches today. Moreover, should I use Amazon Ads? In AuthorU, a LinkedIn group, I posed this question to expert in book publicity, Sandra Beckwith. Here’s what she replied to whether a newbie should use Amazon Ads: “Nobody — regardless of whether it’s their 1st or 10th book — should be buying ads until they have a lot of positive reader reviews. If it’s the former (authors doing it themselves), authors can manage their own advertising,…
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What is a Publishing Asset?

Today, I want to talk about Publishing Assets, and what are they? Well, because publishing a book is such a lengthy endeavour, with a lot of time and money involved for sometimes small returns after the initial launch, people are looking at implementing other ideas that can also add value, either after the book is launched… or with the book, or instead of the book. So things like workbooks can help someone who’s doing an online course of yours, or they can also be given in real life courses as…
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recession proof book publishing

How Can I Recession Proof my Book Publishing Business?

It’s that time in the economic cycle where the rubber hits the road… and starts flying off everywhere. Only 1 in 3 employers state they are going to increase salaries by over 3 percent. Costs are rising. Small businesses are hard enough to run, but with the global competition of book publishing at an all-time high, it starts to make you worry about the future of your fledgling book publishing business. There is no need to wail. One, because business training for adults is getting cheaper (more on that soon).…
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optimise book sales page

How to Optimise a Book Sales Page

A book sales page — aka a landing page — focuses the action on just one thing: your book or course. This is so new visitors can read the benefits about it without getting #distracted… as we are likely to do. When creating your book/course landing page, start with these questions: 1. What’s the purpose of my landing page? Have one clear call to action, like signing up the first video lesson, subscribing for a free chapter, or take this special fans & followers offer. 2. What am I offering…
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indie book sales

The Reasons Your Indie Book Isn’t Selling and What to Do About It

Since selling your already self-published book is probably the hardest thing you’ll try to do after changing your own car oil, I’ve complied some ‘low hanging fruit’ type ideas to get you started. If your book has been published through XLibris, Balboa Press, iUnivers, AuthorHouse, etcetera, then the raw cost to you of buying in your book may also be a barrier to making any profits. I heard that a regular trade paperback would be $12 each to buy in! Thin Records Could be the Problem If you used a…
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Apply Unique Selling Strategy to Books

How to Apply a Unique Selling Strategy to Books

One reason that new businesses fail is because they don’t have enough customers… generally because, says Paul Bassat (founder of Seek.com), “They think they are solving a problem… but that problem doesn’t really exist”. An even more common reason is… in the competitive marketplace, they “don’t offer any unique features that others don’t have”. It’s the same with books that help an author’s profile: the book must have a unique angle. Why apply a unique selling point to writing books? When writing a new book, I think about a strong selling point…
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Royalties for authors

What Can I Expect to Make in Royalties as a First-Time Author?

“The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of many things.” (Lewis Carroll) Today’s unspeakable thing is what all new authors want to know: how much money will I make as a self-published author?  Will it give me the freedom and riches I truly deserve? The quick answer to the first question is, not much… and the second one is, no, not on its own! Bestselling author Federico Pistoni (of Robots will Steal your Job) agrees with me, and I quote: “Most people don’t make any money writing books,…
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