Hybrid publishing report UK

Is Hybrid Publishing Profiteering? See what a UK report says

The Writers Guild of Great Britain and ASA recently surveyed 204 UK writers who were independently published. Findings made for sober reading. For instance, 59% of authors were not satisfied that their paid hybrid publisher did enough to get sales or interest in their book.  And monetary losses were heavy; 94% of authors surveyed lost money on hybrid / paid for publishing contracts. (Around half of respondents chose this publishing type). There was a median loss of £1841 each, although there was a broad range. It would be extremely interesting to…
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person holding orange pen

News in Publishing and Book Writing

I found an interesting website for writers looking to publish with a true publisher or go in literary competitions, one that will save you ‘bags of time’. It is called DuoTrope and is free to join, with small tips for submitting to the publishers. I recommend it because the listings are all updated; they’re sifting through the wheat and chaff for you. Their book submission manager helps authors keep track of submissions, and that’s called Duosuma. When I was doing the Rabbit Hole Challenge writing day, I made a donation…
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how much does book publishing cost

How Much Does Publishing a Book Cost?

Here we’re mainly talking about costs of self-publishing a print book. Usually, an eBook-only publication can be done with only editing and minor ebook cover design costs. Read all of this article before going to Amazon or IngramSpark with your final file, so you can set yourself up for success. How much does it cost to self-publish a book on Amazon?  Amazon KDP is the leading self-publishing platform, and it is free to publish a book there.  But wait. Publishing your book to Amazon, IngramSpark or Blurb is the final step in the print-on-demand…
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arts grants explained

Does your writing benefit Australia? Arts Grants explained

Many a time we wish for money to help push our creative work forward. But did you know if you make your plan grander, for the betterment of Australia, you can access cash arts grants! Arts Grants: what are they for? An arts project funded by the Australian Arts Council has to benefit Australia in a cultural or other diverse way. You must be a citizen or permanent resident, and you have to already be an ‘arts worker’ – i.e. book writer. (Not a never published one). For example, say,…
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Kindle Publishing Income review

Another Kindle Publishing course: Bogus Claims

Well, dear readers, last night I partook of a webinar for Kindle Publishing Income, where an English lady called Sophie Howard told people a big bunch of fibs so they would be excited enough to part with huge money. ($2,495 USD for the course and coaching sessions program). My aim here is not to offer a course review, as there are plenty of those already, but merely to point out that ludicrous claims are still being made by relative newcomers about selling books via Amazon. Claim #1: You can Make…
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Kindle Select ebook publishing

Why Choose Kindle Select?

I have only one title able to enrol in Kindle Select, as with my own books I thought it best to go wide since Aussies love their iOS devices (iBooks), however, most new authors who have no platform to sell from yet are inclined to go for the narrower Kindle Select distribution option. Let’s look into why. About Kindle Select  (from Amazon KDP) When you choose to enrol your book in KDP Select, you’re committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP. During the period…
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self-publishing mentor to guide

Self-Publishing Mentor to Guide You

IT IS SO HARD TO BECOME AN INDIE AUTHOR and BE SUCCESSFUL. (That’s why you may need a self-publishing mentor). In my enthusiasm for writing useful books, I didn’t realise the absolute sh#t you have to deal with being a self-published author of any kind. There is a lack of book distribution partners who deal with us… I mean the kind that take 70% and give you access to the Big W, Target, and franchise bookstores. There is a lack of retailer co-operation on things like retail price points (my…
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Blurb Book Publishing Review

A Blurb Book Publishing Review

I’ve talked about IngramSpark, Amazon and Reedsy, but never reviewed Blurb. With image-rich books as a point of difference, Blurb book publishing has two parts: one for the hobbyist putting their photos into a book for the family treasure chest, and the other for offering colour trade books. This post contains affiliate links and if you click on them, we may get a commission from the company out of what you paid. To be fair, the hardback, gloss paper photo book option is also useful for designers and photographers to…
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goal setting for writers

How to Motivate Yourself to Write (and Finish) a Book

Towards the start of the new year, my thoughts turn to how writers can motivate themselves to write and finish a book. It pains me to think of all those amazing books going unpublished or not promoted, just because of a lack of confidence, so let’s find out some motivation tips.  When I’m trying to finish my own books and in need of motivation, I think about other people’s problems. I believe the power of writing is not in the medium – as readers enjoy books, ebooks or courses –…
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All About Reedsy

All About Reedsy

Online Book Editor to Save on Typesetting One of the major costs of book production is typesetting and design. The art of book typesetting is a lofty one, with things like chapter rules, widow/orphan rules, and page bottom alignment. Reedsy Book Editor is an app to do your own layout and make the PDF artwork–for free!  Let’s say we don’t mind too much about rules, we just want to get our book formatted with simplicity. Then online tool ‘Reedsy Book Editor’ is your tool. I tried it out, and some of…
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