money guide earning under $60000 a year

My Money Guide for those Earning $60,000 Annually

The money guide for those on $60,000 a year, give or take $15,000 This kicks off my idea for a series of articles designed to get you thinking about your money and your path to freedom, based on your annual income. Now, freedom to you might mean retirement in 10 years’ time. Or freedom might mean being able to do a business from home part-time but have ample income. Or it might mean something else. Even at AU $60,000 a year, you and your partner can make an impact on…
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Hybrid publishing report UK

Is Hybrid Publishing Profiteering? See what a UK report says

The Writers Guild of Great Britain and ASA recently surveyed 204 UK writers who were independently published. Findings made for sober reading. For instance, 59% of authors were not satisfied that their paid hybrid publisher did enough to get sales or interest in their book.  And monetary losses were heavy; 94% of authors surveyed lost money on hybrid / paid for publishing contracts. (Around half of respondents chose this publishing type). There was a median loss of £1841 each, although there was a broad range. It would be extremely interesting to…
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a workspace with a laptop and letter board

Creating Abundance, Stepping into your True Self

Readers, I have had a revelation. Though I’m not one to sit around a circle, chanting and raising karmic vibrations, I have been tapping into abundance through a course called ‘Energetics of Money’. I believe my revelation applies to all, which is… Your success rests not on a sole focus on revenue and reward, as those adverts would have you believe, but on increasing your exchange of value and raising your personal energy/vibration to positive and generous levels. Creating abundance is done through inner work. An example of the profound…
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Kindle Publishing Income review

Another Kindle Publishing Income course: Bogus Claims

Dear readers, I partook in a webinar for Kindle Publishing Income, where an English lady called Sophie Howard told people about some fluffy white clouds on Amazon. All so they would be excited enough to part with a lot of money (USD 2,495 for the course and coaching sessions program). My aim here is not to offer a course review, but merely to point out that ludicrous claims are still being made by relative newcomers about selling books via Amazon KDP. The eBook publishing industry is quite mature and does…
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Superannuation debate

The Superannuation Debate Rages On

Last year in Australia, people could access their Superannuation of up to $10,000, if suffering because of COVID19 layoffs. However, it seems that four in 10 Australians who withdrew from their super under the Federal Government’s Early Super Access Scheme actually saw no drop in their income. In fact, as some were collecting stable Jobkeeper payments rather than being a part-time casual worker, 21% of these recipients had their overall earnings rise by more than 10%. (Collated data – source Savings.com.au) Recipients of the second round of Super withdrawals spent…
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financial goals

Does Planning your Financial Goals Make Better Outcomes?

Yes, those people who create their own financial blueprints – including budgets, big goals for the future, and spending plans/prioritising – are better off financially than those who do not. For proof, you can read the stories of a New Zealand blue-printer here and an American blue-printer (Mr Money Mustache) here. I guess we like the words financial blueprint because it reminds us that we can be the architect of our own financial life. And we can! Why Write Goals? It pays to write goals down because it lets you…
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