behind the book author interview

Behind the Book ‘Ignite Your Power’

This is an Author Interview with Eve Dyer, the author of Ignite your Power, a high-quality, full length book launched in 2019. What was your overall goal of writing your book, Ignite Your Power? To help people, like the clients I’ve seen in my psychology practice, to stand up to hurtful and manipulative treatment. Most thought that by being kind and loving, their partner, friend or parent would listen. But of course they didn’t. I wanted them to know how…

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Finally Getting Help with Author Marketing

Talking to authors of late, many whom have a lot to offer the world, I noticed there is still the fear of putting themselves in the spotlight. Folks, you don’t have to do what doesn’t feel right for you when it comes to author marketing (sometimes called ‘being an influencer’). Some authors are great at interviewing, so podcasting/guest podcasting becomes their thing. (Podcasting also has an extremely good take-up rate of regular listeners buying) Some jovial guys and gals make…

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Writing your First Book

Many people in a ‘knowledge’ based business (or hobby business) are overwhelmed by the thought of writing their first major book. So it’s quite common that they’ll say “I just want to write a short eBook to put on Amazon”.  Hey, I get that; my first book (a marketing manual) was about 70 A4 pages, the second one 46 pages, and it felt like I was feeling my way across a dark room. I didn’t know how to extend it —…

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how to publish a book in australia

How to Publish a Book in Australia

Even though this is meant to be light relief, hopefully you’ll also learn a lot about how to publish a book in Australia, without losing your shirt. First step, ignore all ads that start following you around the internet. Those are likely to be vanity press/support companies who want your dollars. Next, write a list of simple actions you will take to get this book published. Here’s a fun look at the usual book publishing steps for Australians. 1. Decide…

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Why publish with IngramSpark?

Why use IngramSpark Print on Demand?

If you’re a self-publisher searching for a Print on Demand platform that helps your book get a wide reach, with no sales machine, then IngramSpark Print on Demand (POD) could be of interest. IngramSpark is a self-publishing option offered by Lightning Source, a large scale book printing house. They will make your titles available through Ingram Book Group, a leader in print and electronic wholesale distribution. They serve over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools, ecommerce companies and other partners — including Amazon,…

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creative nonfiction book writing

Self-Help Writing Prompts

Fiction writers have a whole host of writing prompt blogs and crazy reddit posts, but people writing their first self-help book can find few resources to be a catalyst for their stories. Rather than simple imagination, for the self-development writer, it’s more memories that we want to access… or finding others’ quotes and stories to back up what we’re saying.  Examples of Writing Prompts Look at some of my writing ideas from past books: An idea about happiness and our…

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Writing a book in Australia

Writing a Book in Australia, in a Crisis

Like many who rely on the wonderful authors of this world, I need optimistic books right now! So this post will talk about what you can write a book about during this Coronavirus crisis, that also won’t date too much. If you like writing non-fiction, the topics I am brainstorming here for 2020 are: Career transitions. What a great time to write about skilling up for a new career or home-based business, and as a bonus, discussing the technologies many…

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creativity creative side

Sharing Your Creative Side

Part of the Creative Ways with Money philosophy is knowing your own strengths, skills and resources and then finding creative new ways to share them with others. In the book, we do this through finding our life’s purpose (our Ikigai), knowing what’s real and what’s not, and applying our strengths to business or online income streams. It seems everything is changing at the moment and many of us can’t figure out what to do with our time. Remember that we…

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Advertise book using Amazon Ads

Should I Advertise My Book?

Should I advertise my book? is a common question, especially with the number of book launches today. Moreover, should I use Amazon Ads? In AuthorU, a LinkedIn group, I posed this question to expert in book publicity, Sandra Beckwith. Here’s what she replied to whether a newbie should use Amazon Ads: “Nobody — regardless of whether it’s their 1st or 10th book — should be buying ads until they have a lot of positive reader reviews. If it’s the former…

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Publishing Workbooks Design

What is a Publishing Asset?

Today, I want to talk about Publishing Assets, and what are they? Well, because publishing a book is such a lengthy endeavour, with a lot of time and money involved for sometimes small returns after the initial launch, people are looking at implementing other ideas that can also add value, either after the book is launched… or with the book, or instead of the book. So things like workbooks can help someone who’s doing an online course of yours, or…

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