aussie self-publishing school review

What’s an Aussie Alternative to Self-Publishing School?

Authors often look online for book publishing training, and some Australians find Self-Publishing School, by Chandler Bolt. He is American. Reviews state that one author enrolled with some feeling that it would provide support services, but always remember that author training schools are not services like editing and formatting. Let’s compare Self-Publishing School to Book Creation Success Club at Business Author Academy, Australia. It is a sequential type course, so the person learns one part at a time. Ours delivers the marketing section in month 2, but the rest you…
write a non-fiction book that gets results

How to Write a Non Fiction Book that Gets Results

Affiliate Disclosure:  we list a partner on this page, so if you click the link and buy the program from Kindlepreneur, we will get a commission. But it won’t cost you anything extra. Did you notice our headline is designed to get YOU, the intrepid writer, interested?  There is a clue here… if you write with your reader in mind, then you are on the path to get reader reviews and shares. You’ll still have to bang the drum and be creative with marketing, but the groundwork must be done.…
one sheet - important doc

I Missed this Important Book Launch Document… Have you too?

When I launched Creative Ways with Money in February this year (best timing ever)… I had a long list of things to make: author book shot masses of social media images bookmark Creative Ways for Making Money bonus giveaway book web page, sales blurb, etc articles for blogging But, oops, I forgot the most important thing: a one sheet.  I did make a general media kit and rewrote my bio, so will forgive myself, but still… Why a One Sheet? For your book launch, a media sheet all about the book…
making personal brand plain english

Making a Personal Brand, in Plain English

Of late I have been navel-gazing, I mean, assessing my values and brand. I’ve also been doing a content marketing course, which prompted me to gain further understanding about what information nonfiction authors look for. And I realised that there is no such thing as a typical author. There are many reasons to write a book and just as many reasons to build a personal brand. This branding and values exercises is valuable. It had me thinking about things like:  how does our personal brand portray us? How can you…
writing mentoring

Writing a Book Through Fears

Book Writing
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It could be that the most interesting writing never gets read. Unless the writing was a cathartic experience and not meant to be read, it is more likely that the dusty bottom drawer holds a manuscript because its writer felt afraid, out of their depth. I know what it feels like. When I wrote a book about the simple concepts of investing and saving, it was horrible to hear from my Aunt that I shouldn’t publish it as I wasn’t qualified in that area. The title was also something that…
time trackers clockify

Two Ways to Track Time and Be More Productive

Working from home comes with its rewards and challenges. There’s more scope… for slacking off! So these two time tracking productivity apps and one way to build a writing habit might be just the ticket to be more productive, including getting more writing done. Clockify Time Tracker If you need to track time so that you can bill your service or assess your project rewards, then free time tracker Clockify is just great. I paid for Harvest tracker & invoicing for six years, but once implementing Quickbooks I needed a…
earn money with ebooks

Earn Money in Two Ways with eBooks

You can earn money through being an affiliate at the digital eBook aggregator stores and also from selling ebooks. You’ll find the best deals don’t always go through Amazon and I’m told Australians purchase 30% of their eBooks via Apple iBooks or other smaller online stores! Two large eBook aggregators are Draft2Digital and Smashwords. There is also Lulu. _____ Example of Draft2Digital Page Creative Ways with Money eBook It Pays to Partner!  I found that Draft2Digital is a little easier to get a Word file or an ePub through…