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A Writing Coach is Your Accountability Partner

Just having a partner to share your goals with increases the likelihood that you will achieve them. It gets better… when you hire a good writing coach, getting to your goal is even more probable. Marie Forleo says having a partner takes your chances to up around 85%. While the writing and research work is up to you, it’s been said by a known authority that if a writer makes their writing goals public, they will be more likely to achieve those goals. A lot of us spend our spare…
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AI replace editors and writers

Will AI Replace Editors and Writers?

Like almost everything, the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is both good and bad. AI and machine learning is already replacing pesky jobs — like crafting ten different posts about a blog article — yet it could also threaten the livelihoods of editors, journalists, and content writers. Or could it? AI programs can scan a newspaper’s back issues and by learning the style, it can write feasible news articles from releases. The Washington Post has a robot reporting program called Heliograf. However, The Post is using their system to not…
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Good Editing Advice is Powerful

  Hi, I’m Jennifer Lancaster, an editor and writing coach (Australia) for professionals who want to create their own book. Some of my clients have said really nice things about working with me, even after all their struggles of trying to get the right editor and getting the wrong point of view and advice, and several other incidents.   Eve said: “Your editing is exactly what I needed in all the many areas that I did not know enough. I am so very grateful to have found you. I know…
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australian editors are better

Why are Australian Editors Better than Those Overseas?

Reason Why 1: Best Practices Because editing involves reviewing and correcting material before publication, it is important to keep up an editor’s knowledge in many areas. Sometimes the author’s reputation rests on the skills and experience of the editor. In Australia, book editors often belong to an editor society or the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd Australia). They have sometimes done a Graduate Certificate in editing and professional publishing or, like myself, gotten the experience through document editing and writing completed over many decades. This is in addition to formal…
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Brisbane editors
Book Editing
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Why Trained Editors Make Your Book Sing

As the latest edition of OffPress (from Queensland Society of Editors) says:  “The work of a good editor is often invisible.”  That is, without it, you would surely notice topic jumps, inconsistencies or a change in point of view, but with it, you are drawn into the story or work.  I go on to explain why Brisbane editors are on par with the best. What do Editors Do? In our editor bag of tricks are these tools: removing redundant words (called tautology) checking for consistency — in people’s names, acronyms, and…
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copy editing vs developmental editing

Copy Editing versus Developmental Editing

What is the difference between these two levels of editing? Early on in the book’s formation, developmental editing may be needed, whereas later on, once the structure is in place, copy editing will zoom in on the paragraph and sentence level. As a copy editor (websites, tenders, newsletters, and now books), I’m comfortable with suggesting wording to say more effectively what I believe the author wanted it to mean. I call this line editing and it is done best with Microsoft Word and Track Changes, which can be accepted or…
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Traditional vs. Self-Publishing Book Quality

A lot of people don’t know that I am still very open to the idea of getting traditionally published for some projects; it’s just that realistically it is a tough journey.  As an author, if you want to concentrate mainly on writing and there seems to be a call for your book’s concept in the mass market right now, then keep on that trail. I suggest you speak to as many literary agents as you can, to suss out the chances for your story. Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing…
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Do You Require Book Mentoring or Editing?

I asked the question today, “I wonder what authors want out of a book mentoring service?” I believe book mentoring and editing is widely misunderstood, so this survey is Informative. It will help me to create new services. If we get enough people wanting a group writing/publishing coaching program, we will arrange that! Or one-to-one mentoring might be the go for you. Or perhaps none of the above… all are helpful answers. If we can help your dreams come alive let’s do it. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey…
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Publishing Workbooks Design
Book Editing
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Finding the Simplest Explanations in Book Cover Copy

You might have heard of Occum’s Razor as a principle for logic and problem-solving. Wikipedia says, “… among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected”.  It is often the simplest answer, as long as it’s also the most logical, that is the best.  We can apply it to all sorts of things; I like to apply the principle to book description writing, aka book blurbs. You are inside your world, writing your book or your blog articles. In so doing, you may assume a lot of…
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