author brand cheat sheet

Author Brand Cheat Sheet

While others specialise in marketing books, I prefer to focus on helping new authors market themselves first. I believe this focus puts the person in the best place to then sell books, with simple tactics like emails to their list or a series of content posts. If you’re lagging in social media followers and personal brand style, then you’ll want to read these cheat sheet tips for author brand strategy. The trouble I had with launching earlier books was I had no platform. First steps was a simple blog site…
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Jen author talk

Weaving Stories into our Author Talks

The thirty eager authors looked at me expectantly. Would today be the day they learnt how to take control of their book marketing?  The ‘19 ways to get book publicity’ may have bombarded their brain a little, but the presentation proves that one can do many things to grow our presence and sell more books. Some of those things only take a few minutes — such as claiming your book at Amazon Author Central — and some take a few hours — like creating an author speech to share around…
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about podcasting for newbies

All About Podcasting for Newbies

It’s my pleasure to introduce DL (Dwight) of Redeemable Media, a Podcast producer, host, and expert on this topic. 1. Can you describe how you started your business in podcasting? What did you experience before properly establishing your business to what it is now? I was listening to a Podcast about podcasting in late 2017. The host was discussing the usefulness of doing Local Podcasts, as in your geographic area. He claimed that this was a wide-open area in terms of starting a podcast that would get some traction.  As…
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integrated marketing strategy

Integrated Marketing Strategy for Consultants or Micro Business Owners

Originally written for our PowerofWords.com.au blog, this article uses the overarching marketing principles of bigger companies to help smaller businesses grow and thrive. When you have an integrated marketing strategy, you can drive a marketing program with confidence. That means both planning and keeping track in order to measure and improve. What do the experts say integrated marketing is? Integrated Marketing is a strategic approach to integrating communications and interactive experiences targeting defined audiences and individuals which coordinates all aspects of marketing of a brand… — SmartInsights blog We want to use internally-directed marketing strategies based on audience research…
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making personal brand plain english

Making a Personal Brand, in Plain English

Of late I have been navel-gazing, I mean, assessing my values and brand. I’ve also been doing a content marketing course, which prompted me to gain further understanding about what information nonfiction authors look for. And I realised that there is no such thing as a typical author. There are many reasons to write a book and just as many reasons to build a personal brand. This branding and values exercises is valuable. It had me thinking about things like:  how does our personal brand portray us? How can you…
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Marketing tips for authors

Best Marketing Tips for the Unbranded Author

So, you’ve got yourself a visibility problem. Rather than throw a huge list of author marketing tips at you without a well-crafted strategy, I’d like you to do few planning steps. I call it the Who, Where, What and Why. Then I’ve got some simple marketing advice below it. WHO Every marketing plan starts with the group (or segments—fancy marketing jargon) of people you want to reach. There are all different things to consider, e.g.: Demographics – M/F, age, income, stage of life Psychographics – what they have in common…
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How to Make a Book Landing Page

When creating your book sales page or course landing page, start with these questions: 1. What’s the purpose of my sales page? Have one clear call to action, like subscribing for a free chapter, buying a pre-order, or taking up a special fans & followers offer. 2. What am I offering my readers? Not more information, but an ability to earn more, do more, be more productive. 3. How will my prospects benefit from what I’m offering them? — A strong “what’s in it for me”. 4. Have I incorporated the strongest…
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Changing Brand Positioning

Knowing How to Change Your Positioning

Don’t look, I’m changing my positioning! Weird!  Some people don’t think of themselves as a ‘brand’… but really we are talking of ‘brand positioning’. When I was setting up Power of Words for copywriting and content marketing, I did a lot of SWOT research on what my service should do and what level I should play at. It is similar to what I do now, whenever I launch a new book or membership. Sometimes though, the level we play at is dictated by the people we can feasibly reach. Who can…
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The Three Principles of Marketing that Work!

Do you love helping clients? But, when it comes to sales and marketing, you can’t believe how confusing and huge it all is? You probably don’t have time to read a book, even my book, about marketing 😉 So let’s introduce three principles of marketing that I’ve learned over the past decade. 1) Build your personal brand. Simply, it really helps to connect on a personal level and show people you are both a dedicated professional and a person with substance. 2) Concern yourself with expressing your personal passion for a…
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