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Use your Talents to get Book Attention

You have talents, no doubt. There’s no point in struggling away with the wrong media type when you can use your talent to attract a new, relevant audience for an upcoming book, otherwise known as Book Publicity. If your skill is a visual one especially, perhaps you have clear and large book pictures, then you’ll love this new partnering idea. Not only relevant to securing partnerships, you may use your innate talents to get publicity by: talking about your subject (podcast guest)writing short how-to pieces (guest blog, articles in magazines)making…
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Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life review

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life – review

We often say that we want to live a healthier life. We make all these new year’s resolutions about exercising more and losing weight and a host of other things, but how many of us really follow-through? Is it that we don’t have the information in front of us to help us on our journey? Sometimes it’s just a little nudge we need to remind us. This comes in the form of a new book, ‘Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life’ by Dr. Roger Smith. In it, Roger highlights…
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Types of Interactive eBooks

Two Types of Interactive eBooks that you can Make

You might already know there are two kinds of eBooks: Fixed Format and Reflowable. Fixed format suits grand layouts with images, whereas reflowable ebooks suits 90% of text-based books.  There are also two types of interactive ebooks:  ePub and PDF. Today I set about making an Interactive ePub from a plain fixed format, directly in InDesign. While there are many more elements to discover, I think I’ve got the hang of animations and buttons. There is a handy Adobe InDesign tutorial to learn how to add animations, slide shows, and buttons…
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How Can Video Production Work for Consultant Authors

We’re excited to let you know that rather than pulling out hairs trying to get pro-level video trailers or book promotions together for your business benefit, there is a new cloud video production marketplace opened. This online service is called 90 Seconds, and they allow brands (that’s you) to purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review video designed specifically for your purpose. (Note: 90 seconds is arguably the ideal ‘attention span’ for a promotional video). The global online marketplace connects brands or their agencies with video creative professionals such as videographers, directors,…
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