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Review: ‘How to Fail Fantastically’

It’s not often that I chuckle aloud to myself while reading. But Ken Williams’ book on failing made me do it. It’s small in size but not in value, and has black & white cartoons and quotes that gelled nicely with the content. In Ken’s book, everything is opposite. Failure is good; success, well, you can surmise. Sometimes I think even he gets confused about how to say it. But by the grace of his awesomely silly humour, he pulls it off. It’s the perfect antidote to those simpering, ingenuous…
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Amplify book review

Amplify Book Review

Amplify is a book where you start reading and nodding along and soon find yourself down a rabbit hole. But a good one. You’ll be podcast listening — and perhaps hosting one — in no time. Having become intrigued, I listened to Bond Appetit and the interview with Dent’s Glen Carlson on finding your internal values. I later downloaded the worksheets. All good stuff to get you thinking. Ronsley Vaz is Australia’s largest proponent of podcasting and he has certainly done it the right way. His written voice is still…
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freelancers what to charge

What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants – Book Review

by Laurie Lewis Outskirts Press, 2011, 2nd edition. In What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers & Consultants, there is ample advice which will stop your flight into lassez-faire freelancing (or consulting) in its tracks.  By the end of chapter 1, you’ll already be challenging your assumptions about pricing on a simple client brief. I find the way Laurie uses an actual example of the advice in practice 10 times better than a simple model or explanation. Sometimes it’s hers, and sometimes it’s another consultant’s unfortunate experience. It’s really hard…
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Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life review

Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life – review

We often say that we want to live a healthier life. We make all these new year’s resolutions about exercising more and losing weight and a host of other things, but how many of us really follow-through? Is it that we don’t have the information in front of us to help us on our journey? Sometimes it’s just a little nudge we need to remind us. This comes in the form of a new book, ‘Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life’ by Dr. Roger Smith. In it, Roger highlights…
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Book Blueprint book review

Book Blueprint review

Writer/editor Jacqueline Pretty has, like me, migrated from a copywriter into an editor and book publishing coach. There is no better background for a book editor to have ;-). So in this “Book Blueprint”, I expected nothing less than sheer genius. Was I fulfilled? The key to finding your message is explained both in the introduction and in Part 1: The Right Idea.  In case we think that writing and forming a book (for business) is just a matter of writing up our topic of the moment, the Grammar (Factory) girl…
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15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers book review

The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers – Book Review

Jonathan has created an ideal ebook for those who want to formalise their blogging and build authority long term. It’s called The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers, yet it could apply to any blogger or author who is building an audience. Many of us start haphazardly, finding we enjoy writing topics, but then how do we get started with ‘branding’, getting on podcasts, adding value to readers lives, and getting over our fears and doubts? Jonathan tells us honestly what we are up for as a blogger, so that we…
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book marketing for authors review

5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors – by Penny Sansevieria

As a harried author/editor, I appreciate that ‘5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors’ uses a simple and fast-read format. Penny explains how to get great reviews, legal ones, on Amazon. If you have no email list at all, the first part of her advice might leave you despondent, however there are other options laid out for the intrepid author. I do feel that Penny, having been a multiple top-selling marketing author for many years, gives the depth of advice and honest opinions which novices seek. The book’s content is quite heavily biased…
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