January 15, 2021

Review: ‘How to Fail Fantastically’

It’s not often that I chuckle aloud to myself while reading. But Ken Williams’ book on failing made me do it. It’s small in size but not in value, and has black & white cartoons and quotes that gelled nicely with the content.

In Ken’s book, everything is opposite. Failure is good; success, well, you can surmise. Sometimes I think even he gets confused about how to say it. But by the grace of his awesomely silly humour, he pulls it off. It’s the perfect antidote to those simpering, ingenuous self-help guides. Like Rachel Hollis’s ‘Girl, Stop Apologising’. Meh.

My favourite section was the Mini Guide on ‘How to Get Your Book Rejected‘ — right up my street. And the cartoon for “the anatomy of a slush pile” sent me right off — I just loved it. I received a print copy for review: an ebook just wouldn’t be the same.

Hey Ken… I am an expert at failing too and I only keep going ’cause I enjoy the process.

Australians, it’s only $16.95 at Amazon. How to Fail Fantastically – the perfect gift

A Little Note for those Literally Saving Money

Cash-back Rewards is something I wished I had known of and put in my book, Creative Ways with Money.

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