writing a book with help

AI and Systems to Improve Our Writing Habits

Sometimes we need a little help to make a new habit. When writing a book, the practice of “writing and researching” needs to become habitual. That’s why reminder apps are so useful.

On Google Workspace Marketplace, you’ll find “Intelligent Apps”. When I saw them all, and this Calendar AI assistant, I was “mind blown”.

Of Reclaim.AI, one user said, “Overall I think a lot of people dread the idea of mapping out their goals, passions and more menial time obligations, and what Reclaim can offer is the ability to take the guess-work out of when to DECIDE to do something.”

To write a whole book, you need to keep reminding yourself for about the first four weeks to keep up the writing. Using Google Calendar and time blocking (or Reclaim), you can remind yourself to write at a particular time. I suggest about 3-4 times a week and optimum writing blocks are 45 to 90 minutes, with a break in between.

Digital systems are great, but simple techniques are better. If you’re a first-time book writer, please scan my How do I Write a Book guide, as you’ll find some manual book creation tips in there too. 

Don’t Use Only Your Brain

Most of us non-fiction writers are like messy squirrels, with pieces of information everywhere. In addition, we try to fill our brains with tidbits that we unreasonably expect to recall later when needed. Then we can’t find it or can’t recall it.

It’s called information overwhelm. There is only so much we can pop in there, right? Well, it seems there are a few learning and managing methods left to try.

This one is about extending your mind with the help of today’s portable devices and note-taking. The “building a second brain method” is a trusted system for organising and managing life-long information to enhance one’s learning, productivity, and personal growth. It’s a concept coined by Tiago Forte, a productivity expert, to describe a digital or analogue system that extends your mind, capturing and storing knowledge, ideas, and insights.

If you like the video by Tiago Forte on the Building a Second Brain method, then buy the book How to Build a Second Brain.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you organise and track your writing progress, I also recommend checking out Trello. It’s a free, versatile project management tool that allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to organise writing tasks, launching, and deadlines. When it comes time to launch, you can collaborate with others by adding them to your boards and assigning tasks. Give it a try.

When you want to knuckle down to write, you can use ‘Focus’ mode in Word. It’s down on the bottom bar.

If you plan to write a book this year and want a writing coach (editor) to set a schedule and help support your writing goals, please book in a free call.

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