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Helping Authors to Share a Sincere Message, Despite AI

In the ever-evolving publishing landscape, it’s crucial to think about the quality and authenticity of written work. The rise of AI-generated content has raised concerns about the integrity of literary publications – even those direct to KDP.

However, seasoned writer Jennifer Lancaster notes that discerning book lovers are quick to spot insincere content, and it’s important to retain a heartfelt message in all literary and customer-focused publications.

In response to this pressing issue, the Australian Publishing Association and the Australian Society of Authors have put out statements, while the Small Press Network wants to see defence of creators’ copyright and IP.

The APA stated: “Poorly regulated AI development risks distorting the publishing value chain, and threatens to displace our creative workforce, and destroy our creative ecosystem of bookstores, literary festivals, and more.”

The ASA’s position is: “We support the development of new technology, but this development must be done ethically.  The ASA position is that the laws and policies regulating AI should ensure authorisation, fair compensation and transparency.”

This is especially pertinent for authorpreneurs and author-coaches who are dedicated to creating meaningful and genuine content that resonates with their readers. Imagine if you were in the market for a particular coach and you read their customer guide, a free downloadable, and you discovered it sounded like it was written by an American hype-master. You would quickly be put off.

The Difference is You

By working closely with authors and coaches, we aim to equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to infuse their work with sincerity. With book writing coaching, authors are guided in crafting narratives that reflect their unique voices and resonate deeply with their audience.

Many authors are quietly unsure of promoting themselves and their book. As a marketing and empowerment author, Jennifer Lancaster’s coaching and articles reiterate the invaluable role of an author’s online presence and values-driven social media marketing.

There are many other issues to consider. Taking away your voice, AI chat makes everyone sound the same. But what people often resonate with is imperfection and vulnerability, with a personality that’s unafraid to be themselves. Authors like Jen Sincero and Denise Duffield-Thomas have found success through this sharing and heartfelt caring.

Precisely because new writers fear losing their unique voice, at Business Author Academy, Jennifer is committed to empowering authors to embrace their unique written voice while ensuring grammar, style and consumer awareness is maintained. She has found fulfilment that comes from creating a unique angle, a different voice and shares this knowledge with new writers.

There is no greater compliment than that of a happy client.

Joyful Eating Tansy
Tansy holds her high-quality published book.


I took time selecting the best editor for my book, Joyful Eating. Jennifer’s editing style stood out from other example edits I received. She really understood who the book was for and her editing style reflected this. Jennifer made edits that not only ensured my work was grammatically correct; she edited in a way that ensured that the book was engaging while maintaining my voice throughout.

The process of editing was seamless, and I am delighted with the final draft and feel my book is far more readable. I would not hesitate to engage her services for any future writing projects.  — Tansy Boggon, New Zealand author


In a world where AI-generated content may attempt to mimic sincerity, it is the genuine, heartfelt writings that will stand the test of time and capture the hearts of readers.


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