integrated marketing strategy

Integrated Marketing Strategy for Consultants or Micro Business Owners

Originally written for our PowerofWords.com.au blog, this article uses the overarching marketing principles of bigger companies to help smaller businesses grow and thrive. When you have an integrated marketing strategy, you can drive a marketing program with confidence. That means both planning and keeping track in order to measure and improve. What do the experts say integrated marketing is? Integrated Marketing is a strategic approach to integrating communications and interactive experiences targeting defined audiences and individuals which coordinates all aspects of marketing of a brand… — SmartInsights blog We want to use internally-directed marketing strategies based on audience research…
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time trackers clockify

Two Ways to Track Time and Be More Productive

Working from home comes with its rewards and challenges. There’s more scope… for slacking off! So these two time tracking productivity apps and one way to build a writing habit might be just the ticket to be more productive, including getting more writing done. Clockify Time Tracker If you need to track time so that you can bill your service or assess your project rewards, then free time tracker Clockify is just great. I paid for Harvest tracker & invoicing for six years, but once implementing Quickbooks I needed a…
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freelancers what to charge

What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants – Book Review

by Laurie Lewis Outskirts Press, 2011, 2nd edition. In What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers & Consultants, there is ample advice which will stop your flight into lassez-faire freelancing (or consulting) in its tracks.  By the end of chapter 1, you’ll already be challenging your assumptions about pricing on a simple client brief. I find the way Laurie uses an actual example of the advice in practice 10 times better than a simple model or explanation. Sometimes it’s hers, and sometimes it’s another consultant’s unfortunate experience. It’s really hard…
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Freelancing in Australia – infographic

I’ve compiled this ‘freelancing in Australia infographic’ from statistics found at professional freelancing sites, like Kate Toon’s ‘Clever Copywriting School’ and InsiderGuides.com.au. Please link back here if using the image. (C) 2017 Jennifer Lancaster. How to Start a Freelance Business is a concise guide for those interested in starting any freelance endeavour in Australia, including how to set up a micro business properly. Full Statistic and Source Links: 32% of Australian workers had freelanced (2014/5) (InsiderGuides.com.au) The most common freelance roles are copywriting, freelance writing, graphic design, photography, web design, tutoring,…
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freelancers be your own agency

Freelancers: Be Your Own Agency

Freelancers, you could be limiting yourself (and your income) if you try to only score work in one skill area and only through your own marketing. Yes, you can get known for excellence in a niche skill, but if you want to score big projects (e.g. tenders on TenderLink or consulting projects on Expert360), then Mark Fromson from LocalSolo has some advice for freelancers. We have a saying at LocalSolo that we try and impart to our freelancers: “You’re already your own agency.”   What this means is that we encourage our freelancers to go after…
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Tools of the Freelance Trade

Tools of the Freelance Trade

Whether you consult or freelance full-time or part-time as I do, certain freelance business tools can help to keep you on track. But which tools (i.e. software)? After eight years of freelancing, several software applications became my ‘go to’ apps. Now that I’m expanding my business to include author training courses, books, and book support services, it’s even more important to pick the best tools of today.   My Six Best Freelancer Tools and Why Harvest Chosen by The Freelance Collective members as the time tracker of choice, I have used…
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How to Start a Freelance Business article

How to Start a Freelance Business – Part 1

It may feel daunting to launch your freelance business from scratch, so here we get right into the setting up process. For the uninitiated, there can be numerous hurdles to overcome on the way to having a successful freelancing career.  As a freelancer myself, I lived some of these hurdles firsthand. My working knowledge is summed up in “How to Start a Freelance Business in Australia”. ____ What is it?  Freelancing typically refers to copywriters, designers, programmers and so on, providing a business service. Freelancers offer their services to clients without…
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freelance marketing

Market any Freelance Service in Just 4 Hours a Week

I know you just adore marketing (she says dryly), but why four hours a week? Well, if you consult or freelance around 20 hours a week, that’s 20% on top of your work time, and with proposal writing time, it brings you to a handy 24-26 hours – a perfect primary school parent work schedule. On the other hand, a full-time freelance schedule is often not thought out enough. The fact is, 30 billable hours (like on my calculator) is probably the best you can achieve in busy periods. Why?…
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