Freelancing in Australia – infographic

I’ve compiled this ‘freelancing in Australia infographic’ from statistics found at professional freelancing sites, like Kate Toon’s ‘Clever Copywriting School’ and InsiderGuides.com.au.

Please link back here if using the image. (C) 2017 Jennifer Lancaster.

How to Start a Freelance Business is a concise guide for those interested in starting any freelance endeavour in Australia, including how to set up a micro business properly.

Full Statistic and Source Links:

32% of Australian workers had freelanced (2014/5) (InsiderGuides.com.au)

The most common freelance roles are copywriting, freelance writing, graphic design, photography, web design, tutoring, and account management. (Money Connexion)

65.9% of freelancers work part-time (21-30 hrs); 34% work full-time (CleverCopywritingSchool 2017)

Aussie copywriters tend to charge $61-90 per hour(41%). Just 4.5% charge over $120 per hour. (CleverCopywritingSchool 2017).

72% of Editors earning $50,000 or less from editing in 2015–16. (IPEd National Survey of Editors, 2016)

Australian graphic designers (junior) accept rates from $50 per hour – this is with some experience after studies.

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