Understand the Steps to Create More Income 

A course to help Authors or Creators to re-envision their creative life through a basic understanding of modern marketing and how to sell books and programs online. 

Why are the 20 Lessons & Downloads Free?

These video lessons were created to help nonfiction / fiction authors or podcasters learn about marketing... and I want them to be more successful... PLUS we have something very special to offer after the course is complete.

The course is video based and does not contain sales hype.


Here’s what you’ll learn in More Author Revenue!

20 lessons about creating more readership revenue in a book publishing business.

Know the Lingo

Learn all the terms and concepts in Marketing and Lead Funnels, so you can go ahead and set up your own. 

Think about Sales

Key takeaways include the importance of sales conversion, the potential drawbacks of low-priced course offers, and tips for planning a successful book launch.

Long-Term View

Jennifer provides insights into interesting & nurturing followers, using incentives for effective book promotion, and thinking long term about your author platform on social media, rather than worry over this or that tactic.

Tutor, Jennifer Lancaster

From relative obscurity, Jennifer Lancaster has become a leader in the self-publishing space through her top-ranked blog. Enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge, Jennifer has supported authors’ publishing goals since 2013 through her editing work.

She has written books on managing money, abundance, and marketing. Her latest

are ‘Creative Ways with Money’ and ‘Power Marketing’. Jennifer likes email marketing and conversion strategies. 

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