Books or eBooks… Great for Building Trust, But How are You Going to Self-Publish?

Against 80,000 Other Launching Authors, Will You be the One who Makes it?

I started writing my own books for publication in 1996, with my self-published book “The Total Image Manual”.  Many more have followed since then.  I have also used my experience to help new authors by editing and help with self-publishing their book. (This means I did all the administration). You can see book examples in the Book Store or Portfolio.)

Self-Publishing Help Starts Here.

Rather than help authors at the end of their journey, I would like to help business authors and business promoters when they are starting out with blog content, PDF reports/papers, and books for growing an audience.

There are many aspects to consider. One of these is who can you trust in the self-publishing industry?  David Gaughran, author of ‘Let’s Get Digital’, says “Author Solutions (and its subsidiaries) has produced 225,000 books from 180,000 authors, an average of 1.25 titles per author. The lack of repeat business is in stark contrast with a reputable company like Smashwords… with an average of 3.88 books per author”. Writer Beware.

Novice eBook authors:  Please search on Amazon Kindle Direct “Help” for your answers. It’s a good place to start.

Let’s Get Your Message and Topic Straight…

Your message and topic choice is vitally important. The book, paper or blog must be able to reach out and grab people… If you want to write passionately about beautiful funerals, then do so. Just ensure that it’s saying the right message to the right market with the right media.
Define a niche market to sell too. It’s vitally important if you’re to compete with the other 80,000 authors launching a book this year (in America).

Book Editing Services

When you want quality book editing servicesbook design and formatting services, writing coaching, then ask for a free quotation or look at our book services pricing.

Books for business: ‘Power of Words’ can help you simply publish a book or ebook

If you are in business, then Power of Words is happy to help you with a proposed publishing package to suit you. If you’re an amateur author trying to crack publishing, then please take a look at publishers (but steer clear of vanity sharks!).
Benefits of creating books, booklets, or website white papers/ebooks with our help:
  • Increased credibility to sell consulting services, coaching, training, high-level events…
  • Build up your reader platform, create ‘wow’ products…
  • Flexibility to sell your own books using a Print-on-Demand platform, without having to buy in bulk.

Book Mentor & Editor, Jennifer Lancaster, can help you share your education and messages with thousands more people. Working from Brisbane, we project manage and edit clients’ books, ebooks, websites, or blogs. We offer three publishing/report packages:

Take me to Power of Words

As a copywriter, Jennifer at Power of Words also writes unique website content to attract customers. Looking for optimised website copy or content? With a focus on opt-in reports, Jennifer improves sales leads and website ‘stickiness’.

Puzzle Pieces

  • Book Planning / Branding Strategy
  • Writing coaching assistance (ghost writing is available)
  • Book Editing (copy editing or full developmental editing)
  • Marketing strategy – developed as the book is being created
  • (By referral) Stunning Book Cover design
  • Book interior formatting – can be colour, include images, or be black-and-white
  • Production: print-on-demand; bookmarks designed/printed
  • (By referral) Website banners, launch invitations, bookmarks, posters
  • eBook Formatting / Conversion
  • Book publicity and promotion — keep up with our blog news

Use Power of Words as a Project Manager for all your personal brand, content and book creation goals.

Why Choose Power of Words?

Jennifer Lancaster has a mix of Marketing nous, Copywriting and Editing experience. Talented creative partners offer book cover design.

As a business, we aim for the highest quality books, and reports that can pack a punch.

Jen’s books include: ‘Power Marketing: An Aussie Guide to Business Growth’, ’Sack Your Financial Planner’ (updated to How to Control Your Financial Destiny) and ‘How to Kick Bad Spending Habits’. 
Jen completed a BA in Communication Studies in 2002. She has worked as an editor, ghost writer, copywriter and desktop publisher. The “Power of Words” is part of her DNA… a theory; not just a business name. This means your words and its message is really important to her — maybe even more important than it is to you.

Writing and launching your own book is like climbing Everest. Self-Publishing Help means so you don’t suffer the embarrassment of typos, grammatical inconsistencies, cover placement mistakes, forgotten sections, no legal ISBN, etc. We also help with U.S. tax treaty information. Read more about Jennifer’s experience

Free Book Guide for Package Clients… 40-page eBook

Book guide cover

What is niche marketing?…

Finding the message in a book… Determining your tribe… Common book sizes… Creating a winning title… Why a print book?… Where to sell books or eBooks… Writing the book’s content… Writing voice… Finding the hot selling points… eBook differences and conversion steps… Personal branding… Learning about digital marketing… Types of editing… Niche book marketing… Author apps and plugins…

It’s all in here… simplified for easy and quick digestion.

Three Rules to Brand Your Products

  1. Find a strong point of difference for your programs/books
  2. Your book or course must give 10x value of the price.
  3. It must be relevant to your ideal client… as it will be your ‘showcase’ and the lead generator for your high value, high impact service. (Our strategy session will ensure this).

Get a Free Content Marketing Review to find out if this could work for your business!

E-Books Get You Broader Readership

25% of (Barnes & Noble) NOOK sales are self-published e-books
30% of the top-selling e-books on Amazon are self-published (estimate by David Gaughran)

With eBooks gaining huge readership (although Australians use many more iPads and other eBook readers rather than Kindles), you’ll find it beneficial to launch an eBook version of your book. And it’s fairly easy nowadays to do it at the same time.

See eBook Conversion Services for more details. (Just scroll down to the Specific Book Services Pricing).