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Two Ways to Track Time and Be More Productive

Working from home comes with its rewards and challenges. There’s more scope… for slacking off! So these two time tracking productivity apps and one way to build a writing habit might be just the ticket to be more productive, including getting more writing done.

Clockify Time Tracker

If you need to track time so that you can bill your service or assess your project rewards, then free time tracker Clockify is just great. I paid for Harvest tracker & invoicing for six years, but once implementing Quickbooks I needed a solution that did not also charge. I’ve been tracking time spent on projects (billable or fixed/non-billable) successfully this year, with zero outlay.

If you want Premium (paid), besides branded timesheets, there is a feature called ‘Focus Time’, where you can click it to just focus on one project. No more slyly going to FB, email, etc.

Sum up: It’s simple and quick to use, although mostly relies on your internet connectivity. Clockify works across desktop, mobile and web app.

Track Your Own Admin & Social Media Time

RescueTime is perfect if you want a snapshot of your whole on-screen day, week, month or year! This long-term view is particularly important for assessing if your time spent on non-core business activity is really worthwhile. As we all know, time on social media is easily withered away…

Track your banking time, Officeworks buying, Facebook group time, social media marketing and competitor research. It’s all able to be categorised as Productive, Neutral or Unproductive.

Install the Chrome extension so you can click the little red cross style logo anytime. It also sends a weekly report to your email.

Sum up: It will give you insight into all online activities–for some, this is a wake-up call. Aim for 80% productivity in your on-screen day.

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