Creative Ways Money: Writing Articles

Creative Ways for Money Flow: Writing Articles

This last six months I have been researching ideas for creatively earning more income — mainly by writing articles. I’ve just listed 10 websites where a novice writer can try publishing their articles or essays and get paid. It’s in the back of ‘Creative Ideas for Making More Money’ – a freebie. Writing Types for Money Flow Writing freelance articles is just one way to earn more money if you’re an active retiree, stay at home parent, or lucky book writer. There are of course other writing-for-money ideas: copywriting of…
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freelance writing jobs

Why the Freelancer Lifestyle and What Writing Jobs Can You Get?

False pretense aside, yes I have a short book coming out next week, entitled ‘How to Start a Freelance Business in Australia’, so of course I’m somewhat selling the benefits of a freelancer lifestyle. But as an experienced freelance copywriter and editor, I can shed some light on the truth of it.  If you’re new to looking for freelance writing jobs, you might have these questions: What kind of money can I expect… What hours can I work… Do clients expect a miracle? What kind of money will I earn… To which I answer:…
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