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Creative Ways Money: Writing Articles

Creative Ways for Money Flow: Writing Articles

This last six months I have been researching ideas for creatively earning more income — mainly by writing articles. I’ve just listed 10 websites where a novice writer can try publishing their articles or essays and get paid. It’s in the back of ‘Creative Ideas for Making More Money’ – a freebie.

Writing Types for Money Flow

Writing freelance articles is just one way to earn more money if you’re an active retiree, stay at home parent, or lucky book writer. There are of course other writing-for-money ideas:

  • copywriting of business marketing materials
  • editing and proofreading essays (if you’ve done a course)
  • creative writing of short stories and entering loads of competitions
  • ghost blog writing for busy information or SAAS businesses
  • ghost writing books

Kinds of Freelance Writing Sites

Freedom with Writing site offers a huge list of publications who pay for writing. Besides FreedomwithWriting.com, I also came across a professional money blogger who makes a full-time salary through affiliate relationships. What a great idea! She lives in New Zealand but has a global crowd.

I’ve been a copywriter for small business and a book editor, but only dabbled in freelance article writing. Recently I realised that, wow, I can improve my writing skills while getting paid to write articles in my niche area.

Ah, but how to get well-paid writing gigs in Australia? For that, you need a specialty.

niche author blog
One way to get started writing is to start a niche blog

Why become a Specialist Writer?

You may find that picking a niche, having a simple writing portfolio, and searching for local magazines who use external writers is a much easier route than simply grasping for any article writing job.

Having a niche also helps with your ‘find-ability’. Specialist expertise may help Google find your blog or magazine editors decide on you as a writer. This is because both want an authority in subject matter. But don’t expect to get a high Google Authority and trust right away. It takes time and work and social media posting.

For one way to showcase your new writing, you can use BeHance for a free writer’s portfolio.

How Do I Find Magazines to Write for?

The path I’ve used to look for magazine editors is: go to the local library, pick out a few lesser-known magazines to niche in, and write email pitches to the editor or editorial assistant (their address is normally on the block inside the magazine).

A second way is trying regular job-seeking websites. I came across a job as Writer/Editor for a national, informative site for the over-60s, and soon after my interview I was offered some paid article writing work. You can also search for only freelance writing work on Indeed (put freelance in keyword box).

A third way is to look at the independent article writer publishing opportunities, including that of you being a creator on Medium.com magazines and reviewer on Weekend Notes.

The main tip is: try to start with magazines or sites which would be a good fit for your writing personality, topic, and level. It’s no good trying to write for Huffington Post or Foundr on your first go… And anyway, think more niche than this and let Google bring you some ideas.

Online Job Boards for New Freelance Writers

New writers also rely on freelancer job sites to find new work, like:

MistakesWritersMake.com – finding work in various overseas writing markets.

Problogger Job Board – paid blogging opportunities, reviews, guides, freelance articles

Pedestrian.TV jobs – content writing is a good way to get experience (Australian), as long as it does impact your portfolio and skills.

Mumbrella jobs – look for freelance work there, from agencies.

Remember to really zoom in on your interests and talk about relevant angles when pitching the editor. Relevancy to what their audience likes is absolutely crucial.

Don’t forget to sign up for my Creative Ideas list — with 10 other places to secure freelance article writing (global) work — and have a go!

Creative Ways with Money by Jennifer Lancaster will get you thinking about new ideas to save, protect, earn and invest in 2020. Australian and US content. ePub $7.99. Paperback $23.99.

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