recession proof book publishing

How Can I Recession Proof my Book Publishing Business?

It’s that time in the economic cycle where the rubber hits the road… and starts flying off everywhere. Only 1 in 3 employers state they are going to increase salaries by over 3 percent. Costs are rising. Small businesses are hard enough to run, but with the global competition of book publishing at an all-time high, it starts to make you worry about the future of your fledgling book publishing business. There is no need to wail. One, because business training for adults is getting cheaper (more on that soon).…
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Course-minded creating a course

The 3 Dont’s in Creating Online Courses

Online courses have grown to be very popular these days and with the increase in demand, comes a considerably large amount of supply… which is a good thing for people who are looking to sign up for a course to complement their learning style and budget. Not all online courses are created equal, and people have become more meticulous when it comes to choosing which course would offer them the knowledge and skills they need. If you are an industry expert who is planning to create a paid online course…
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Developing Content from Industry News

How much time do you spend reading up on your industry news or doing training? Whether in the form of books, blogs, or talks, it costs you a lot of time to keep up with new techniques, better technology, reported surveys, and the like. So why not make extra income from all this learning? Capitalising on your Know-How with a Course When you develop a course you draw on formal training and related information, but you also put in your own learning from hands-on experience. And this mix is what…
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