Making someday goals part of Now!

Are you procrastinating on your biggest dreams, like that of writing a book, making excuses for yourself that you’re too busy… too tired… have too much ‘stuff’ to do?

As Andy Monks of Hero’s Adventure points out “There is never going to be a good enough time or a ‘some day’ where you have ‘enough time’”.  Someday starts now.

In any month you may give 90 hours to your family and keeping the house, 795 hours or so to your work (clients/boss), and a few hours to school, church or community. But if you spend just four (4) hours a week, 17 hours a month, then within six months you can write a book and leave a coherent legacy… rather than a drawer full of notebooks with scribbles. That’s the bottom line.

Another perspective is from a Brisbane coaching professional, Eduardo Gomes. He believes:

“that many go through their adult/work lives without ever getting unstuck. Instead of facing the issue and asking for help, they choose to stay STUCK and eventually loose (sic) the drive to pursue their dreams. Furthermore, many who have decided to follow their passion often have the illusion they can make it on their own.”

(On being stuck and unstuck).

In my own writing, I have found that putting 100% focus into the research, gathering and sorting ideas process is crucial to moving forward a writing project. This gives you creative energy you never had before. But it’s still no easy feat to pull ideas into a book, create something meaningful, and then find innovative ways to get your message/book out to many, many people.

Yet, you don’t have to make it on your own. A book mentor can help with the tricky bits like editing, formatting, launching, and marketing your book or course.

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  • Hi Jennifer,

    Great article, thanks for the quote! Good to see you following your passions and sharing it with others!


  • Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the reference to my blog post. Really liked you post. I’ve heard a friend of mine who is a published author saying that writing a book, starting a business, working on a major life project, etc… it is similar to retiring with a couple of millions dollars in your bank account. “It’s the power of compound interest”, he said. By focusing on putting a little bit of work a each day on something that truly matters, you eventually get what you want. Just like you say, “4 hours a week equals to …”
    Hope you are well.
    Kind regards,

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