We have an expert interview “All about Podcasting for Newbies” on the blog.


We are partners with Modern Media School, Qld. Craig can edit audio raw files to make a polished intro or audio. Want to start a podcast but don’t know how? Take the short podcasting course (click picture).

podcast course

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Narrator and original music for Audiobooks: Dene at Branthem

Studio for creating audiobooks with your voice and catering to distribution: Brisbane Audiobook Production

Findaway Voices:

Global distribution through Spotify and audiobook distributors, where you receive 40% of list price and 50% of list price on Spotify. The narrators on this marketplace would cost $250 per narrated hour, USD. So find a local narrator with a studio, such as Dene at Branthem or Simone at Brisbane Audiobook Production.

If you realise you want a microphone to do it yourself, see Rode microphones, or on a low budget, Razer Seiren mini desk microphone ($69 at JB Hifi).