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Blogging Strategy

Are you a Beginner, Novice or Pro at Blogging?

Beginners with a purpose take time to learn all about how to blog, what platform to use, how long to make posts and start with one. Novices blog on a theme, with different topics they believe their audience might like. It’s still fun for them. Pros research the topics their audience is already asking for on Google, use keyword research tools, and have a regular posting schedule, such as weekly or fortnightly. They make nice imagery, which helps their blog look beautiful. And they might add a different style to…
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Blogging Strategy

Starting a Blog from Scratch

If you want to know how to start a blog from scratch and build up so your books and authorship can become well-known, then start with your strategic plan. It will help a lot over the coming months and years. Here are some lessons I learned, along with some thought leaders’ lessons, like Ali Abdaal, who is more on the YouTube side of things.
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Creative Ways Money: Writing Articles

Creative Ways for Money Flow: Writing Articles

This last six months I have been researching ideas for creatively earning more income — mainly by writing articles. I’ve just listed 10 websites where a novice writer can try publishing their articles or essays and get paid. It’s in the back of ‘Creative Ideas for Making More Money’ – a freebie. Writing Types for Money Flow Writing freelance articles is just one way to earn more money if you’re an active retiree, stay at home parent, or lucky book writer. There are of course other writing-for-money ideas: copywriting of…
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AI replace editors and writers

Will AI Replace Editors and Writers?

Like almost everything, the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is both good and bad. AI and machine learning is already replacing pesky jobs — like crafting ten different posts about a blog article — yet it could also threaten the livelihoods of editors, journalists, and content writers. Or could it? AI programs can scan a newspaper’s back issues and by learning the style, it can write feasible news articles from releases. The Washington Post has a robot reporting program called Heliograf. However, The Post is using their system to not…
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Guest posting for marketing books

How Guest Posting Helps You to Market your Books

I’ve been slow to the guest posting game, but better late than never right? While researching, I found quite a few blogs which accept new guest posters. Now some cheeky monkies will try to charge you $190.  Others will not let you post a Bio and URL (unpaid writer). Still others are too busy to reply… and leave you wondering! But if you can get a blog owner who is organised, reciprocal minded, and has topics in your Niche, BINGO!  You may just have the start of a winning relationship.…
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why create an author blog

Why Create an Author Blog?

There are so many claims on your time as an author, including marketing, speaking, possibly organising book production, and researching future books. So why would you commit to running an author blog as well? Many writers, including those writers at Blog Chicks, share their daily joys and trials freely in their blog, as well as engage with their book readers. But for us authorpreneurs, we want to give great value and attract really specific readers to our message. The message behind your books is important; it goes beyond just one book at one time.…
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