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How Guest Posting Helps You to Market your Books

I’ve been slow to the guest posting game, but better late than never right? While researching, I found quite a few blogs which accept new guest posters.

Now some cheeky monkies will try to charge you $190.  Others will not let you post a Bio and URL (unpaid writer). Still others are too busy to reply… and leave you wondering!

But if you can get a blog owner who is organised, reciprocal minded, and has topics in your Niche, BINGO!  You may just have the start of a winning relationship.

Benefits are:

  • Blogs with high Domain Authority and Trust flow (and relevant to yours) will give your URL more Google Ranking karma. Conversely, blogs such as a friend’s Blogger site will give you reverse trust flow.
  • Blogs with a high level of visitors (2,000+ per month or high follower engagement) will give you real visits – expect 1-5% of views to click your link.
  • Blogs that allow you to repeatedly write will help you to gain a new crowd without owning the platform.

Brand Blogs are bombarded by posting requests daily. Individual Bloggers are probably the easiest to target, however they can also be particular about tone, grammar, style, and depth.

A further place to blog is related forums, e.g. FlyingSolo, Smallville, etc, or your very own LinkedIn profile (Home>Publish article).

Once you join and fill out your profile, you can post blogs. There are at least a dozen women entrepreneur communities – some paid, some free.

Start Here for Submitting Guest Posts

At Writers in Charge, there is a list of 20 marketing blogs with their Domain Authority, that will accept guest posts.

Always check the submission guidelines and remember the word count and reader profile before writing (or pitching your idea).

The Write Life: Submission Guidelines (Covers topics like freelancing, marketing, publishing, self-publishing, blogging and more.”)

InspirationFeed: Submit guest post (Audience is entrepreneurs, designers, freelancers)

Australian ‘Learn magazine’ at BusinessBusinessBusinessSubmission Guidelines

Small Biz TrendsSubmit guest post

Check back with the editor in two weeks to see if it is being scheduled yet.

Tip for Writer Bylines

Although you usually steer clear of over promotion, if you write this byline for the reader with thought to giving your tips, then you have more chance of gaining a new visitor. Mention your specific target market, country, topic, and business name within the Byline.

guest posting for authors

So How Does Guest Posting Help Market your Books?

Well, say the readership of a relevant niche blog means they have 20x the visitors of your blog (e.g. they have 2,000 visitors)…

Add five monthly guest posts to your to-do list and ensure there is link flow to your books… 20 x 5


100 times the reach of your own blog!

And if you ensure that your articles pave the way for your book’s message, then this will increase people’s trust in you as a thought leader. What other places do you know of that accept guest blogs?

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