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Creative Ways with Money: What You Can do to Protect and Enhance Your Savings

Jennifer Lancaster - business book author
Editions:ePub - First: $ 3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9945105-5-6
Pages: 130
Paperback: $ 23.95
ISBN: 9780994510549
Size: 140.00 x 216.00 mm
Pages: 138

Be on your guard. Swift talkers, seminar spruikers, Bitcoin clones and work-at-home ‘opportunities’ wait to rob you of your potential to create wealth. Proving that it’s easy to make poor financial choices when emotion rules us, Jennifer Lancaster speaks from (painful) experience.

Read Creative Ways with Money if you’re tired of the swindles and instead want to learn some creative ways to:

  • save on your everyday bills--and save for a goal
  • invest in shares (ETFs), from as little as $5
  • start a business or sideline to earn money -- using your time effectively

Because our mind often holds us back from strategic investing, we take our fears out of the dark cupboard. You’ll learn how to overcome negative thoughts to design your financial life the way you want it to be.

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Publisher: Power of Words
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Most of us ordinary Australians (and other world citizens) hope that the banking and financial services industry is in place to help us make the most of our money and, yes, make a fair profit, but not at our expense. Sadly, no.

One of the main findings of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Financial Services & Superannuation Industry (February 2019) was that the big four banks’ staff performance was measured and rewarded based on profits and by pushing sales. This resulted in customers being openly misled. It also found conflicts of interest in the delivery of financial advice; confusion about the roles and responsibilities of mortgage brokers; and issues with the way banks deal with Indigenous communities.

This comes on top of initial allegations that certain banks took fees from deceased customers, charged fees for financial advice that customers never received, and then hid all this from the regulators.


You could say a lot of us were outraged at these findings. I certainly was.

In this environment, there are better ways for consumers to save, invest, learn about personal finance, and grow. After observing what people say about money unofficially, it seems to me that the less we know about investing or business, the more we rely on the systems and knowledge of others ‘in the trade’. And unfortunately, scammers or spruikers rely on this ignorance, as well as on the weaknesses of our human side.

What are the pay-offs for reading this book?

Firstly, you’ll learn different ways to earn more, fear less, and invest money in ways that most people don’t consider.

As an aim, I want you to become an aware consumer. I want you to prepare yourself for a better future with the use of your creative imagination—and further research.