Create Your New Life of Abundance

Make a Full Financial Recovery with a New Money-Attracting Mindset

Book Cover: Create Your New Life of Abundance
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.39 AUD
Pages: 99
Paperback: $ 20.95 AUD
ISBN: 978-0980411294
Size: 14.00 x 21.60 cm
Pages: 99

Have you reached the end of your tether with your everyday finances? Do you want to create a better life, where money is in your control and not in control of you?

Then find out what’s behind common money and relationship struggles (including the author’s own story). Tuning into our beliefs, values and the way we think is the key. But we go a step beyond creating a prosperity mindset — as you also need solid financial principles.

The Seven Pillars of Financial Sense will help you:
• balance the budget
• eradicate personal debt
• plan your financial life
• protect what you have
• make more income from teaching others, and
• prepare to invest and take action.

Publisher: Power of Words
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This book is gives a framework for money management, with a dash of life experience, and tips on remaining positive.

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Reviews:Aaron on Goodreads wrote:

An effectively well written book. The author offers sound advice re accounting past experiences that can enable a reader to develop goals towards reassessing their own financial situation. I found the theoretical underpinnings to be of exceptional value when placing a paradigm in reeducating myself while readjusting my own new money attracting mindset.

About the Author:
Jennifer Lancaster is an independent author. She writes books on the basics of money management, investing, marketing, and protecting yourself from scams.

Why? Well, she enjoys making many of those mistakes common to novices, so that at least everyone can learn from them. Her business Power of Words helps first time self-publishers.