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Weaving Stories into our Author Talks

The thirty eager authors looked at me expectantly. Would today be the day they learnt how to take control of their book marketing?  The ‘19 ways to get book publicity’ may have bombarded their brain a little, but the presentation proves that one can do many things to grow our presence and sell more books. Some of those things only take a few minutes — such as claiming your book at Amazon Author Central — and some take a few hours — like creating an author speech to share around…
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behind the book author interview

Behind the Book ‘Ignite Your Power’

This is an Author Interview with Eve Dyer, the author of Ignite your Power, a high-quality, full length book launched in 2019. What was your overall goal of writing your book, Ignite Your Power? To help people, like the clients I’ve seen in my psychology practice, to stand up to hurtful and manipulative treatment. Most thought that by being kind and loving, their partner, friend or parent would listen. But of course they didn’t. I wanted them to know how to use power assertively, not aggressively. How they could resolve…
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author marketing help

Finally Getting Help with Author Marketing

Talking to authors of late, many whom have a lot to offer the world, I noticed there is still the fear of putting themselves in the spotlight. Folks, you don’t have to do what doesn’t feel right for you when it comes to author marketing (sometimes called ‘being an influencer’). Some authors are great at interviewing, so podcasting/guest podcasting becomes their thing. (Podcasting also has an extremely good take-up rate of regular listeners buying). Have a look at (Facebook group) We are Podcast by Ronzley Vaz. Some jovial guys and…
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Advertise book using Amazon Ads

Should I Advertise My Book?

Should I advertise my book? is a common question, especially with the number of book launches today. Moreover, should I use Amazon Ads? In AuthorU, a LinkedIn group, I posed this question to expert in book publicity, Sandra Beckwith. Here’s what she replied to whether a newbie should use Amazon Ads: “Nobody — regardless of whether it’s their 1st or 10th book — should be buying ads until they have a lot of positive reader reviews. If it’s the former (authors doing it themselves), authors can manage their own advertising,…
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networking for authors

Networking to Improve Your Book Attraction!

Once published, it takes a strong story to stand out at a book fair or author meet. But what about in general business groups?  Here, a published author can appear special and maybe capitalise on the pain point that her book talks about, but in a business context. Some books relate to the business mindset and other stories relate to the personal life challenges. Either way, a business person is a human being first! Most can relate to your story if you include it in conversation. For instance, my book…
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Media Kit Examples for Authors

Yesterday, I thought to myself: why not create a media kit for when I approach Podcasters. An author media kit can give you something professional-looking to back up your media pitch with. It could also be used for approaching editors for guest posts. So I thought, oh surely there will be a media kit example or template on Adobe’s store. Yes, there are quite a few lovely ones, but they are all for blogger-influencers! Not a single one for authors… So, the press kit template found wasn’t terrible relevant, with…
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Book Creation Success Club

Why a Book Creation Club for Indie Authors?

To answer the question of why a self-publishing membership is needed, let’s go back to 2008, when I was navigating self-publishing my first full book to sell to the public. There was little information available to me to find out how to print cheaply, get a cover design done (DIY ugh!), and sell my well-researched book to people other than my own network. I tried a public seminar—what a failure. I handed out flyers about it, and people looked startled. I would like to have known many different realities and…
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authors doing book launch

Publicity Planning for a Book Launch

Something that many of us non-professional authors struggle with is getting media attention for us and our book, i.e. book publicity planning. First of all, you will need to tick off the fundamentals: Is your book and ebook available in the usual places online: Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and big and bold on your website? Is your book cover professionally designed? Is your book edited to within an inch of its life? Do you have a good story around your book… is it a newsworthy topic right now? Planning some publicity…
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