You have talents, no doubt. There’s no point in struggling away with the wrong media type when you can use your talent to attract a new, relevant audience for an upcoming book, otherwise known as Book Publicity.

If your skill is a visual one especially, perhaps you have clear and large book pictures, then you’ll love this new partnering idea.

Not only relevant to securing partnerships, you may use your innate talents to get publicity by:

  • talking about your subject (podcast guest)
  • writing short how-to pieces (guest blog, articles in magazines)
  • making creative short videos to relay a concept
  • making cartoons signifying ideas of yours to put on Instagram

Want Publicity? Check this First.

If you’ve been only heard of ‘Social Buzz Club’, BookBub and BookBuzz, then this is the level up from that, and just chock-full of Australian ‘cool’. Also, it’s not full of other authors — so you can stand out.

Made by Aussie Jessica Ruhfus, Collabosaurus help you find other brands to partner with in sales campaigns. Collobasaurus have an Idea generator, which I suggest you use first. Before you do though, you’ll need to think on what you want to achieve (before the options send you into meltdown)… so start reading some of their case studies. Go to Collabosaurus home page.

Plans are $30 per month and up, but you can try it out free. Your little ad just won’t attract much interest at free level.

As an author or designer, you are a brand (yes, you are!) You could collab on a digital product (ebook) or social media promotion or hit “open to opportunities” if not sure.

Along with collaborating with brands and services, you can also get publicity with other authors and bloggers. Never under-estimate someone’s ability to reach a specific and relevant audience.

Other Ways to Use Cross-Promotion/JVs

“I only have 400 on my email list”, said a female-business friend of mine. Yes, but that’s plenty if those ladies are relevant and probably desiring of the information I want to share. I am not looking for straight sales, just a little visibility and perhaps a gift of my best digital report.

So, the way to approach this is:

Know well? Virtual/real coffee and chat — outline an offer you want to share

Only know their job/name? Give an initial LinkedIn or FB message to introduce the idea of sharing SOMETHING HIGHLY RELEVANT with their audience. Also say about a real benefit for them, such as some extra web traffic to a program of theirs.

Found something you like to use for publicity? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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