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Why should you set up Your Personal Brand?

Okay, so I’ve accidentally written a whole book on digging into your personal brand. It all started with my video-recording the book outlining process from some blog topics and carried on from there.

But then this question: why is it important to think about Personal Branding?

Well, as an author of any kind, a personal brand will allow those who are visiting any of your web presences or books to start recognising your brand.

  • I remember being overwhelmed with how to make a personal brand more cohesive. So, gradual improvements to it were more my thing. These are the steps I took.
  • I created a brand kit with my colours and some fonts (still not great at following the fonts) and bought the navy top for use in my photograph.
  • I made sure my tone of voice was similar everywhere.
  • I also ensured that new books are going to be modern and match my writing brand; workbooks match the Business Author Academy brand.
  • And, I’m representing more of my personal values in conversations and trying not to downplay my strengths. Trying!
My Personal Brand book

A Timely Reminder of Being Clear

In a one-hour coaching session, Bob Gentle (a personal brand expert) said about updating my Media Kit, which he calls a one-sheet. I call book summaries a one-sheet, so that is confusing!

The benefit of preparing this media kit is to have it all ready for the podcast host or media person. (You can read more about author media kits here).

He also gently prodded me to be clearer in what my speciality is… and how I aim to now help with the business behind the book. His words sprang this concept right to the forefront of my mind…

Helping an author with their lead magnet and courses is going beyond the book!

I’m sure that you also can be helped by this advice. The lead magnet I refer to is when you offer a free bonus to readers of your book, which lets them enter your list for future use. This dear readers, is absolute gold.

Questions to Ask About Your Personal Brand

Now, back to you creating a personal brand for authoring. Here are some questions to reflect on:

Are you clear on what you are representing to the world through your writing?

Have you made a one-sentence summary about why you want to empower your audience?

Do you have one or two colours that you can wear and use in photos, book covers and logos?

Is there an icon that can visually remind viewers of the meaning behind your brand? This is optional.

Do you have a personal story of what led you to start empowering or educating others?

Is your style funny, stylish, edu-taining, or creative? These are all relevant for making videos.

Well, have fun with making your personal brand guide and media kit. I’ve put all my knowledge about this and included experts’ knowledge in the concise book, My Personal Brand. Paperback out now.

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