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My Personal Brand – the book – will be available to order on 31 August 2023.

Do you fear stepping into the spotlight… but realise that a strong personal brand and brand story could help?

For those who are yet to flesh out their personal brand and get across their meaning and message – this new book is indispensable.

Working past the often wrong impressions of what a brand is, Jennifer Lancaster helps new authors and solo business owners to take the easy first steps of personal branding.

Your personal values and key messages will be central to your new personal brand – as authenticity is key.

  • Learn how to get a personal brand style guide and media kit together.
  • Find out the differences between print-on-demand publishing and private book sales funnels
  • Explore monetization when blogging
  • And score inside tips from this book writing coach and lifelong student of marketing

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Whatever your brain conjures up when you see the words “Personal Brand”, it’s only considering a slim portion of possibility.

Entrepreneurs and coaches want to create an authoritative presence online but most believe they should hide behind their company brand. They think a beautiful website and engaging social media posts are going to be enough. But this is not gravitational.

Having a well-known personal brand means the media will start to chase you, instead of you chasing them. If in coaching/consulting, you can also start commanding premium rates for coaching in this focus area.

In this zero waffle personal branding book, Jennifer Lancaster goes into: what is a personal brand, how does it differ from a company brand, why do storytelling, the four W’s of marketing, and ways to benefit from publishing your book.

Don’t be an apple to easily compare with; be a pear, i.e. incom-par-able.

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My Personal Brand: A Guide for the New Author or Soloist

ISBN: 9780994510587

125 pages. Paperback: 8.5″ x 5.5″ format.

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