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A Writing Coach is Your Accountability Partner

Just having a partner to share your goals with increases the likelihood that you will achieve them. It gets better… when you hire a good writing coach, getting to your goal is even more probable. Marie Forleo says having a partner takes your chances to up around 85%.

While the writing and research work is up to you, it’s been said by a known authority that if a writer makes their writing goals public, they will be more likely to achieve those goals.

A lot of us spend our spare time without thought to our big goals. In fact, we could do plenty of writing if we just get off our darn phones! That is, get off scrolling through news feeds–and allow a modicum of time to research real news stories and the odd inspiring article.

There’s also a lot to be said for getting coaching while writing a book in Australia.

Top Five Benefits of Writing Supported by a Book Coach

  1. Writing a book in your field establishes the author as an industry leader.
  2. They will prompt you to think about your brand and marketing early on. This can aid the book in selling. The work of creating a brand and platform can also lead to better partnerships and higher-level client programs.
  3. Having a framework in your book (that’s transferable) people want may increase your personal market value.
  4. One of the steps your coach will prompt you to do is researching and narrowing your audience. This can help you better understand whom your work is really designed for: often an insight that later attracts those who respect what you do.
  5. You don’t give up when those doubts encroach and your writing seems harder than ever to produce coherently.

While a book writing coach/editor does not arrest you if you must attend to family, there is an upside to regularly scheduled meetings not matched by other methods. And that’s consistent momentum towards your goal, paced so that writing is neither too hard-fast-burned-out, nor slow-and-plodding-for-years.

I’ve given much thought to three-weekly meetings and 10-page reads in between. Too many writers start apace but then let the productivity drop, and even if this happens, a meeting every three weeks and feedback on a few pages will give you the writer a quick dose of ‘yes, I can do this’!

Instead of overwhelm at all the red marks on a 50,000-word manuscript, a series of comments over 10 pages tells your mind: ‘My writing does not need too much fixing; it’s doable’.  You start from the same place in terms of writing skill, but one is just more manageable than the other.

While an editor has the job of correcting some of your not-so-helpful writing patterns, they may not have space to explain why — and sometimes it’s too late for you to learn from it. Writing a book with a coach beside you means you can learn how to make your writing more original and interesting. And more punchy!  This learning curve will give you confidence.

What ways do you keep your book writing on track: do you have an accountability buddy?

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