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Creating Abundance, Stepping into your True Self

Readers, I have had a revelation. Though I’m not one to sit around a circle, chanting and raising karmic vibrations, I have been tapping into abundance through a course called ‘Energetics of Money’. I believe my revelation applies to all, which is…

Your success rests not on a sole focus on revenue and reward, as those adverts would have you believe, but on increasing your exchange of value and raising your personal energy/vibration to positive and generous levels.

Creating abundance is done through inner work. An example of the profound results of this inner work comes from one of the ladies in the course, Christie from Dented Diva. With newfound confidence, she approached the ‘Love Your Sister’ charity about a potential partnership. Yes, they welcomed her quality earrings in their market store. She is remarkably clever with her handmade earrings. Doing good for others = attracting good.

Change is Always Available

So, even if you’ve got just $10 left in your account, we are not our past, and you can always take steps to change.

Look to the past more to learn from mistakes or to recall times you stepped up, you took a small risk and the world didn’t fall in. Like that time I got 100 books printed and did not have even a web presence. I still managed to sell at least 25 through advertising and known people.

You perhaps stood in front of a group and taught them something. Think of that time with your eyes closed. This envisioning of real memories is confidence-building.

As I’ve learned, you must protect your positivity from others’ negative sentiments. It could be a relative’s doomsdaying or the media’s fear-based speculations. Protecting against negativity means rejecting malaise and non-specific fear.

It might help to remember, there are arguably only two states to be in, from which other emotions flow. And that’s love or fear:

Thanks to a past client’s book The Winner is Love for this general concept.

This is quite a game-changer. I too was a pessimist for 30 years+, and so I know how hard it is to change.

This might seem ridiculous to you, but doing hypnosis exercises – some to erase poor money beliefs and re-imprint new beliefs about self-worth and money– has been so valuable.

(If you’d like to change your world of money, you can connect with Christine and potentially join the next Elevated group). https://christinecorcoran.com.au/

It has also helped me step into creativity and be less fearful in life and business. Therefore, I made a 12-month commitment to a paid-for networking group (BX Reimagined), with expensive breakfasts. We bought a $450 dress for our daughter’s formal (later it was exchanged for a lender and this cost about half). During this time, I decided I could help many different people with their writing—and the work poured in.

So, creating abundance not about how you compare with others’ income, or even their goals – it’s about trusting yourself. Having faith in good things coming… and lifting up those around you also trying to be their best self.

A book I recommend for this work is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. If you are struggling right now, then my book Create Your New Life of Abundance could help you with some financial recovery ideas. It’s always on sale for $3.00.

Once you are being more in the positive, another book I recommend is my own Creative Ways with Money, which helps you think creatively about different investing types and avoiding the scams or pitfalls.

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