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launching a new edition

Bravely Chipping Away for a New Edition

If writing is a blast of creativity, self-editing is like painfully clawing away the clutter. Not only that, non-fiction editing requires a good deal of fact-checking and a good memory for what’s been said before. It’s bold work to do.

This week I have been revising my book, Power Marketing: An Aussie Guide to Business Growth (edition 3). And because there are so many book, statistic and website references, plus grammar checking, it needed a lot of updating. I can’t imagine what those Dummies book authors have to do…

This self-editing work takes an eye for what others will think. I admitted I didn’t have that eye anymore, so I handed by draft to Terri Tonkin, a local beta reader and author. She gave me helpful feedback on some elements that were unknown to her, such as an ESP (email service provider), a USP (unique selling proposition), and many other things I overlooked. I found I had not defined what ‘Open Source’ software was, either.

After updating everything and checking out all new marketing tools, I’m super-proud of the helpful and practical book it has eventually become. It only took 10 years(!) from its original incarnation, through a complete revision because of the order and to make it a 6 x 9″ paperback, then two editions and a much better third edit. We do learn over time…

In Lurve with a Responsive Email Marketing System

Part of my latest marketing toolkit is GetResponse. I subscribe to ‘Basic’ level for email autoresponders & more, but am looking longingly at ‘Plus’, with its extra features of webinars and multi-step automations.

Having done the rounds of various email systems, I was not expecting this much bang for my buck and easy functionality. Although it takes a little while to get the Landing Page design right, if offering a ‘freebie’ hosted at a GetResponse page or your own, it doesn’t cost anything extra. And the email templates are very nice, while the email builder offers drag-and-drop of the major elements.

Unlike some email systems, you’re not forced to double opt-in confirm new subscribers. You can just add them if you have a reader or client list. See the infographic below for more features of this handy system.

I’m putting on a webinar all about Lead Magnets and Reader Welcome Email Series – coming up soon!

Another Way to Market a New Book

A cool mockup shot can help the book marketing drive. Done in Canva.

One way I can promote this third edition is to create a media pitch. This is a bit less humdrum for editors than a blanket press release. It is also more targeted. So I will be thinking up angles that my marketing book can take and strategising places to pitch.

I could take these media paths:

  1. The local news angle – local author releases new book about small business marketing
  2. The entrepreneur’s guide angle – find entrepreneur sites that have news and views on marketing, offer a prize or excerpt
  3. Specific problem angle – local advertisers are losing $x on pay per click or other ads, so need other novel ideas

Launching a Book Tasks

As well as the typesetting tasks and getting the cover template done all over again, the other tasks for a new edition consist of going to MyIdentifiers to create a new ISBN, creating a preview PDF, updating the cover, putting the details into the library supplier form for later sending, doing the eBook again?, and thinking of other ways to use this book.

How have you revised your non-fiction book?

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