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fear and money traps

What does your Financial Life hold for 2020?

We made a fun 1-minute video to interest you in my new book, Creative Ways with Money, launching:

eBook – via Draft2Digital on 27 JANUARY. $4.99 only that week.

Paperback – all retailers on 7 FEBRUARY. $23.99

Book Trailer Template (copy) on Biteable.

What’s Hiding in Creative Ways with Money–the Book?

Everyone can create their own goals unhindered by Government rules. I believe the key to financial independence is down to doing several basic things:

1. Start a budget and monitor your spending

2. Create new income streams from easy-to-look-after investments and/or online educational products

3. Be careful with where you invest your money, whom you invest it with, and invest relative to risk

4. Reinvest dividends or profits and don’t spend it on fripperies.

5. Only borrow for good debt (investments, business, education), rather than bad debt (personal consumer goods, travel). In other words, cut up the credit card.

There are also eight money rules in the book that will guide your new financial life in 2020.

You can pre-order the eBook now, or wait for the print copy!

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