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Why Hire a Content Writer / Contractor

What benefits come from using a website content writer?

Some of the benefits of hiring a content writer for your blog or pages include:

  • Increased visibility for your website in more searches – increased Search Engine rankings
  • Building a reputable brand with its eye on the community, not just on own interests
  • Knowing where your visitors come from, and if they stay to look around
  • Good marketing results come from prolonged, consistent action: we never give up
  • Professional writing can enhance your online reputation

What does a paid content writer do for a business?

  • She makes a Content Plan, researches searched-for keywords, and writes posts at regular intervals to meet website objectives
  • Optional: Interviews the users of your product/service or clients to get a natural feeling article
  • Develops an in-depth understanding of the subject matter — no matter how technical or ‘different’
  • Researches related topics and gathers research and insights that will make the writing stand out
  • Finds the ‘voice’ of the business brand (or personality) and writes to that voice
  • Advises on appropriate length of blog content or web pages, among other SEO factors
  • Reports monthly on content and visitor outcomes, if contracted as part of a Content Strategy plan.

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How much is a content writer?

Clever Copywriting School (2019 survey) found that the average 1,000-word post written by an Australian freelancer was $450.

This Blog Writer (with SEO and conversion knowledge) is available at Australian Freelancer for a fixed rate of Content Writing $200 (writing from scratch). We prefer to be hired for at least three posts, because there is some groundwork to do and it will benefit your SEO results as well. This ‘no proposal, no bidding’ offer works out better for both freelancer and hirer.

Posts would be revised and proofread. Extra: if the hirer needs it, we writers upload the blog to the CMS and format it. It is then up to you when the post gets published.

Power of Words also offers a content marketing plan which includes for website updates/blog posts, reporting and social media updates. It is customised to needs.


Why have an outsourced writer, rather than an employee?

  • No need to administrate around HR, WorkCover, Super, Taxes… just state your goals, read an agreement, and start.
  • It ensures your blog and content is being handled, even at busy times.
  • It grows your business faster because of less administration and training time.
  • The expert content writer can advise how website content, email offers, and social media posting work together for the good of your online presence.

In summary, an experienced blog or page content writer can be worth their weight in gold. Not only as they put to work their understanding of search engine principles, but also because they have usually written their own optimised blog for some years and witnessed what engages readers. Look for solid reputation, knowledge base, and consistent marketing efforts in your content writer. Don’t simply shop on price. As someone wise once said:

Quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten.

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