If you’re part-way into writing your book, it’s time to think about who is going to help put together your book and administrate it. This is a giant step but is often left to emotion and chance.  So read our Author Assistance Package comparison review (2 Australian companies, 1 US company). Check down the bottom for the DIY + freelancers option.

Most author assistance packages leave out the most important service—editing (and writing support). Book publicity and launch planning is usually either an add-on or ‘find your way in the darkness’, but really important for you, the author.

Remember, no matter how little you may know about the publishing process, you are in control of the path before you. Let’s make it a good one.

Service: Scribe Guided Author. US-based.
Two Day Book Workshop – in Austin, Texas
They help you position your book, create your outline, and schedule up your writing plan. You’ll leave knowing everything you have to do to write your book.
Editor: Assigned a professional editor who will hold you accountable to your writing schedule.
Weekly Coaching Calls + Private Facebook group
A Full Edit of Your Manuscript by Professional Editors
Full Writing Course and Guidance – provide complete writing templates and instructions for every single phase of writing your book. You will know exactly what to do at every step.
Full Publishing Services: Once you’re finished editing, they do the book cover, interior layout, etc.
Full Distribution Services – printing and distribution through major online retailers
Full Marketing Course and Guidance
Price: US $12,000 altogether (their lowest program)

Scribe: Jen’s Opinion:

Scribe’s base package, Guided Author, offers a full service — from live coaching and calls, editing, typesetting, distribution and marketing. However, it is only for non-fiction authors and the package requires attendance at a two day workshop in Texas. Some of the services provided are guidance through courses, templates and instructions, so there’s still a lot of author input required. Support is in the form of (video) coaching calls and Facebook group.

Expensive considering this is the lowest package; designed for influencers.

Publicious: Package 3 + Editing added. Gold Coast, Australia.
Book in Print & eBook – 200 pages
Basic book cover design
Database listings
50 copies of the book
Conversion to eBook formats
Distribution globally
Package: $1974
+ Combined Copy editing and Proofread @ $7 a page: i.e. $700 for 29,000 words
+ Optional Manuscript Assessment (AKA Structural or Substantive Edit) @ $0.011 per word.
Total: from AU $2,680

Publicious: Jen’s Opinion

Publicious primarily provide a publishing and distribution service. Their ‘Package 3’ includes design, typesetting, conversion and distribution, as well as 50 printed books. Editing is not included in any of their packages but can be added on for an additional fee. Don’t know who is the editor. Accountability calls are not included. Cover design seems a little amateur, but the owner is friendly and supportive, which is a plus.

Marketing. Offers a Book Publicist service, an Author Website service ($770) with bookstore, or Video Book Trailer(*). Also offer website maintenance at $20 per month, which is very reasonable.

Indie Mosh. Australian based.
Publishing Package for print and eBook, including conversions
Typesetting and cover preparation with printed proofs
Distribution + admin
10 printed copies
AU$1,995 + keeps 10-15% royalty of ebook sales

Indie Mosh: Jen’s Opinion

Indie Mosh is a long-lived, Australian-based publishing and distribution service, covering both physical and digital books. They do not provide any writing or editing support and only accept final manuscripts. This makes it ideal for working with an editor of your choice.

I found Indie Mosh’s author store (One Thousand Words) a side benefit to publishing. Amazon link does not direct to Australian bookstore, but at least all the info under the author is there to read. Nice. They pay 85% royalties for life, which is not 100%, but it does take the hassle out of your hands.

I liked how they were very clear about what they provide and when they pay out; you don’t have to wait till the maximum Amazon sales ($100) is reached. Good reputation too.

You Control the Process

A little different to Author Support Packages, this option allows you to choose your editor, book designer, other services, and get marketing support for less than usual.

Remember, there is a lot of artwork control and specification around the book production process, whether using a bulk book printer or ‘Print to Order’ with a Print on Demand supplier. So you’ll need the help of a layout designer of some kind.

Editor + Business Author Academy + Designer + You (Australia)
Writing Coaching or Line Editing (Jennifer’s pricing)
BusinessAuthorAcademy – Writing & Self-publishing information
Designer – Heather (US) or Graham (Qld, Aust)
Marketing Plan (Author-first marketing plan + support)

Pricing Estimates

Writing Coaching $1,800 + Copy Editing $800
OR Line Editing of 50K-80K word book (between $2,000 and $3,300)

Book Writing Success membership – $30 per month x 3 months

Book Design and Book Cover Design.
Heather (US): From US$150 + US$500 for 3 mockup covers and regular text layout (i.e. Au $913)
OR Graham (Aussie): about $1,400 for typesetting that’s complex (images), and full cover design. Less for regular text.

Marketing Plan/Coaching: not defined, but circa $400

ISBNs: $140 (if new Australian publisher)
Avg. Total from scratch : $4,500 (complex)
Avg. Total without coaching : $4,000 (no images)
This example is not designed to be a quote for your book; it is averaged.

You in Control – Main Benefits

  • Keep all your own royalties
  • Learn online (24/7) about writing and self-publishing, so you know for next time
  • Create better products for your clients, with local support
  • Don’t overpay; pay the going industry rate but not more
  • Be aware of what you need to do instead of ‘in the dark’ (leading to low sales and low visibility)
  • Customised advice: tried and tested marketing options

You in Control – Main Disadvantages

  • You need to do the ISBN admin, account setups, and campaigns
  • You can employ an Author VA if you don’t want to do the book admin or Amazon account setup

Peek inside Business Author Academy

Author Academy inside
BAA – Example of content inside membership

*P.S. Record your own video book trailers, if at all possible. Then get a Fiverr dude to edit the video and make it sing. Way more connecting and engaging.

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