After marketing strategy, editing is the next most essential service for self-publishing authors (or any authors, for that matter). So what are the different types of book editing services available, and what do you get?

Copy editing

A careful proofread, this includes for correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. As well, the copy editor will check cross-references and impose a standard referencing style.

Line editing

Depending on the manuscript’s current state, the copy editing service can include a more thorough edit called a ‘Line Edit’. Line Editing looks at paragraph flow, keeping to voice, sub-headings, and gives recommendations for improving the overall readability.

This selection presumes the author have gone over and over their text to reduce errors and improve construction. This level is appropriate for Second Language English writers or for those with long-winded, complex prose.  (If you read your paragraph aloud and find yourself straining for breath, then this editing work will fix it!)

Your editor will include general structuring suggestions if we see minor writing flow problems. However, if your writing is full of “challenges to understanding” or is not structured on a theme, then we may suggest the next step up…

Developmental editing / Comprehensive editing

For your economic benefit, I recommend the earlier work is done as part of my book writer’s coaching program, with monthly support.

As Power of Words analyse non-fiction titles, we look at your target readership, purpose of the book, and placement in the market. Here we examine whether the content is complete and appropriate, if the concepts are well developed; and ensure that material is well organised. (Jennifer is the book editor who will carry out the work and give you extra helpful marketing tips).

Comprehensive Editing inclusions:

  • Correction of spelling and grammar (may be included in the second round if quoted… fine-level editing is not included in our writer’s coaching program)
  • Ensure consistency of voice
  • Check that illustrations, tables and bullet lists are used effectively throughout
  • The initial review (suggestions to improve your book) may well save you a further round of editing
  • Instructions for re-writing certain parts to improve the clarity, structure and flow
  • Suggestions on removal of extraneous text (after review) or
  • Suggestions on creating a more persuasive argument, with examples, evidence, and comparisons — or in some cases, quotes
  • Respect for your opinion and work towards your desired outcomes

Typical in traditional publishing, this ‘experienced eye’ looking at your work conceptually can really help create a better book. That said, most who use major league publishing services do not receive helpful developmental editing. Frankly, some book editing services are not worth two cents, never mind the hundreds they hold authors to ransom for. If you want a better quality outcome for less total cost, hire a freelance book editor.

Life Story Co-writing Option

If you want the message and story to be published, but your writing is not at the level needed to engage, then consider ghost co-writing services.  With us, it may not be as expensive as imagined. As a co-writer, we can take your initial ideas and prompt ideas to expand on this… things that will inform and engage the reader.

If a life story, have you considered dictation? Near Redcliffe? We are happy to take dictation in person for $67 an hour, which is actually cheaper than the app and overseas service that everyone uses.

Please ask us for a quick estimate before doing hundreds of hours of writing, sweating and struggling over your words.

What does an Initial Review of manuscript offer?

Initial Review is looking over your book before editing so as to advise you on what you need in terms of content flow, structure, and audience. For example, suggesting you add an introduction to explain how your theories came to be. This can add to your final book’s quality and saleability. It can save you both money and time.

Receive a two-page report, within 14 days, on your book’s strengths, weaknesses, and saleability. We need: two chapters plus Synopsis and if done, a Table of Contents.

Cost:  $130  

What Personal Qualities Do I Bring as Your Editor?

I’m a freak for nonfiction both as a writer and as a reader, including books from these categories:

  • Personal development / Self-help
  • Health
  • Business Marketing
  • Property & Wealth
  • Business people’s biographies

In addition, I have ghost written a book which is part biographies/part traits. My favourite style of book is one where you are learning something but there is a compelling real life story (or stories) running through it.  Inspiring stories of hope and triumph are also winners with women.

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