My Financial Life in Books

Oh, what have I done to deserve this wretched financial life statement?  This five-digit retirement fund?

Did I not start and run a freelance business, had this book, How to Start and Run a Freelance Business, that served clients well with persuasive copy?

‘Planning is the secret to success’, you say?  Well, that is my middle name. So faithfully I planned, set goals, budgeted, paid myself first, sought education and read up on Money. Just in case it found me one day. Alas, you have to go seek it.

So how does one Create a New Life of Abundance?  In 2008, I thought by sacking your financial planner. But later, I realised that that’s now How to Control Your Financial Destiny.

No, I didn’t spend 28 years at the university of life, typing, editing and finessing thousands of words… snipping dangling modifiers, chopping out redundancy, and writing about roofs in excited tones, just to spend my retirement cycling to Aldis on a Thursday!

Business for Retirement?

Apparently, my freelance buddies, you cannot sell a business that relies solely on you. Freedom and riches only come after mastery, intellectual property creation and leverage.

If only there was a way to reach out to others in our ‘before’ states, and teach them our techniques?  Our own marketing tools and processes?

How about publishing? you say. Preposterous. To research, learn and create a thesis, write and edit, typeset and edit, proof, set a sales strategy, learn keywords and Amazon, fumble through ebook creation, find blog partners and radio spots, and then pontificate on the marvels of your book’s thesis—who would do all that?

This little chicken, that’s who. Walking the talk of Power Marketing, to find a voice which connects to every struggling business owner.

So how does a soloist save and earn more, when the Super balance is low?  Cleverly, that’s how. By pulling all the clever, money-saving techniques I’ve learned over the past decade–and actual results over one year–into one slim volume.

My new book will be:’How to Save $15,000 in a Year’

$15,000… what will that buy you and yours?

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